8 Funny Comics To Try

8 Funny Comics That Will Make You Laugh
8 Funny Comics That Will Make You Laugh

Having a bad day? Cheer up with these funny comics.

1. White Ninja Comics

“White Ninja Comics” follows the “hero” White Ninja. However, unlike other ninjas, our protagonist of Kent Earle’s and Scott Bevan’s strip doesn’t contribute much in the ninja business. Much of the strip’s subtle but humor comes from putting a ninja in entirely mundane situations, such as shopping and eating. Moreover, it’s in these somewhat dull situations where the comics’ humor blossoms.

2. Creased Comics

Animated rap video “George Washington” famed Brad Neely, is the mastermind behind the incredibly random and sometimes very twisted “Creased Comics.” He combines pop culture references, witty humor, and an eccentric view of the world to produce crazy strips that you might’ve never read. It is one of the must-read funny comics.

3. Superpoop

“Superpoop” isn’t a webcomic at all but a collection of captioned photos—though Drew, the creator, refers to his work as “photo comics.” The images are relatively random but star political figures and happenings of current events more often than not. The result is very witty and downright hilarious.

4. Daisy Owl

“Daisy Owl” one of those funny comics which is updated regularly thanks to Ben Driscoll, is a narrative strip about Steve, a bear, his good friend Mr. Owl, and Mr. Owl’s two kids, the fostered humans Daisy and Cooper. It’s smart, well plotted, funny, and famous—and, as a bonus, you don’t need an in-depth knowledge of games or programming to get the jokes.

5. Dinosaur Comics

8 Funny Comics That Will Make You Laugh

8 Funny Comics That Will Make You Laugh

The quirks of a T-Rex and his dinosaur buddies are played out in traditional strip form. Except for each strip, the artwork and layout are the same, but with brand-new writing each day. The repetitive nature of the slip forces its writer/creator, Ryan North, to come up with outlandish and hilarious dialogue for each strip. Be sure not to leave the funny comicsarchives.

6. Garfield Minus Garfield

This webcomic is precisely what it sounds. Dan Walsh, with the consent of Jim Davis, the “Garfield” creator, removes the main character from “Garfield” comic strips, leaving Jon Arbuckle, his owner, talking to himself like a person with schizophrenia. This is frankly one of the funniest things on the web.

7. Murray The Nut

We all used to doodle in the blank spaces of our notebooks. Now, imagine those doodles had word bubbles with them that were sometimes clumsy, or cut in between, but always hilarious? That is the idea behind the funny comic “Murray The Nut.”

8. Nedrioid

“Nedroid” is a webcomic that is updated daily by cartoonist Anthony Clark (Nedroid as a pen name). The comic is serialized slightly. It follows the exploits of Bearato (a bear) and his friend Reginald (a bluebird). However, the strips’ humor, while enhanced by the familiarity of the casts, doesn’t need any prior knowledge of plots or narratives—it’s just funny stuff.

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