A Brief History Of DC Comics: Their Story

Here is an entertainment and media company that belongs to the “Big Two” in comic book history. DC is a brand that delivers stories of superheroes and villains in an unabashedly colorful and adventurous manner for all ages. Read on and find out about the history of DC Comics and how they became what they are today.

Going head to head with its rival Marvel, whether in print form or on the big screen, DC has definitely proven itself worthy of its fame and our fandomness (this is probably not a word but we’re running with it anyway).

With blockbuster comic books that have been turned into blockbuster movies, there seems to be no slowing down for them. And for us, for that matter.

A Brief History Of DC Comics: Their Story

Early Beginnings: The History Of DC Comics

It was in 1939 when Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson established National Allied Publications. The American entertainment and media company publish “New Fun”, its first of many unique comic books. Its creative pieces were notably different from the then more famous comic strips, they slowly gained a larger audience over time.

And if you were wondering, the initials DC were actually taken from one of the company’s series called Detective Comics. Pretty brilliant.

We mention this because of its relevance. It was soon after Detective Comics that the Batman series emerged. An anti-hero but wasn’t a villain. Along this new character came another. Superman. You got that right. Two of DC’s “big” characters came to life almost at the same time.

Their Decline And Rise

The introduction of Batman, Superman, and their other contemporaries became a hit to the masses. For a time being. The themes and settings of these characters’ stories were not very suitable for younger readers. This resulted in the decline of DC Comics, as well as their competitors.

A Brief History Of DC Comics: Their Story

However, by 1965, a turn of what seemed like a downward spiraling of events occurred. Through Julius Schwartz, The Flash was reintroduced with triumph. This became an era of innovations for style and story creativity, which led to the revamping of some original characters such as Batman and Superman. So came the Silver Age of DC’s history.

DC’s Universe was growing rapidly. But perhaps, too rapidly. It became overwhelmingly complicated. Some have even said that there are a plethora of characters in the Universe who have been put backstage. Only a handful of fans know about the rest of the superheroes other than the big team, a.k.a. Justine League.

It took a lot of trial and error before DC found their style niche. Their popularity rose and continues to do so as of current.

DC Comics History: More Of Their Story

On the other hand, it was still quite difficult for the comic book company to make their universe cohesive and coherent. Conflicting stories and characters increased as the number of superheros grew.

There was a bit of a silver lining when issues such as race, drug abuse, and other life struggles were incorporated in story lines. To humanize characters. Make them more related to me and you.

Similarly, it wasn’t until the 1990s and 2000s that DC shot up the charts. The comic book industry experienced a rapid and explosive increase in readers. Therefore, an increase in sales and popularity as well. DC rode on this tidal wave and slowly gained their rank as among the big names of the industry.

The Death Of Superman became a huge success. You might have even ridden on that wave as well. And this was the start of a new and better beginning for DC.

Animated shows like Teen Titans, and film adaptations starring their “major superheroes” created a steady fanbase. That and, sales both in the film industry as well as in the comic book industry.

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