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All About Leviathan DC Comic

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The DC Universe has always been about superheroes, and the DC comic book world has featured many such superheroes. Some of these include The Atom, Green Lantern, The Flash, Robin, Wonder Woman, and The Green Lantern. Some of these have been written as part of the continuity of the comic books, while others have only been featured in one or two issues over the years. One of the most recent additions to the DC Universe is the character of LeVIathan.

LeVIathan is a fictional supervillain in the DC Universe, first revealed to be part of a secret league of terrorists called the League of Submission. It was here that a new member was introduced, this being Doctor Fate. Doctor Fate introduced a chemical known as Vril Dretch, which turned the water in the ocean into blood. This blood was then injected into persons beneath the water, turning them into creatures called aquatic monsters or ovals. This is what created the modern League of Terror.

The Riddler

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LeVIathan was later reformed by a mysterious man known as the Riddler, though his motivations for reforming LeVIathan were never revealed. He first wanted the criminal organisation to be reformed so he could take control of it. However, his motivations were not entirely his own. In fact, some sources state that he was the product of an experiment in mind science gone wrong.

LeVIathan first appeared in the second issue of Aquaman. Here, he was given a more human-like appearance and was last seen attempting to steal the ark of Atlantis from the Poseidons. LeVIathan first made his comic book debut in the comic book Bat House. Here, he was captured by the Teenagers and was pitted against them. He was defeated, but was saved by the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Following several appearances in the DC comics, the character was revamped as the villain Deathstroke in the animated series Justice League: The New York mission. In this series, he was given a more deadly role, as he murdered the main character of Green Lantern, while wearing a green suit. He was also featured in the short-lived TV show, Birds of Prey. In this TV show, he went around hunting criminals, while also posing as a very powerful, although very dangerous, criminal himself.

The Dark Knight Rises Movie

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After this, he appeared in the Dark Knight Rises movie as a massive, tattooed enemy of Batman. In this film, he has taken over the streets of Gotham City. He was later killed, however, but not before a heroic Batman attempted to kill him. He was only spared when the Riddler came to claim his soul. He was also featured in the most recent installment of the Batman series, The Dark Knight. He was again featured in the movie as one of the major villains, this time as the leader of the Gotham underworld, The Joker.

The television series Smallville also created a very interesting character in the last season of the show, titled Kara Trgov. Kara is an eleven year old girl from the future. She has super speed and is an avid reader, who also dreams of being a super hero like her mother. In the comic, she goes by the name of Kaitlin Shenk. In the show, Kara tries to deal with her parents’ emotional problems, as well as dealing with her own insecurities.

Final Words

The character of Leviathan from the DC comics is not the first Aquaman created by DC. Michael Green created the early concept for the aquatic superhero, in 1940. Since then, several different versions of the character have appeared. Some are better known, while others have only been featured in a handful of comic books. Regardless of which version of the character you prefer, you will likely never look at another Aquaman the same way again. The unique features of this beloved comic book character have made him a fan favourite for generations.

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