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All About Midtown Comics

Are you curious about the largest comic store in New York? Here are some things you might want to know about Midtown Comics and what it has to offer.

All About Midtown Comics
All About Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics is a comic book retailer in Manhattan, NYC with three shops and an e-commerce website. A company that started in the Times Square area in 1997 is now the largest comic book store in the United States. Its second shop initiated on Lexington Avenue in 2004. Due to its closeness to Grand Central Terminal, it is known as the Grand Central store. In November 2010, their Downtown store opened on Fulton Street in the Financial District.

Early Years

Midtown was a result of a team effort of Gerry Gladston, Robert Mileta, Angelo Chantly, and Thomas Galitos. They knew each other from teens in Queens. They later sold comics in their stores in Queens and Brooklyn before opening the famed Midtown Comics in Manhattan, on Seventh Avenue and West 40th Street. The store has about 500,000 books in its collection.

What To Expect

One of the flagships on the New York comic display, Midtown Comics, is a fantastic place for all things funny and dark. The area in Times Square is busy and always in an uproar.

All About Midtown Comics

All About Midtown Comics

You begin with a short walk up a quick, confined of stairs from the street. It may not look impressive, but once you get to the top and go left, the store appears before you in all its glory. Don’t be surprised if you find something else besides traditional comics in Midtown Comics. As you look around, you will find an extensive collection of magazines, manga, and novels on the first floor. The second floor of the building houses dozens of figures from Batman to the latest Godzilla adaptations. Also, you’ll find never-ending merchandise, including t-shirts, costumes, glasses, and so much more.

The Staff

The staff is amicable and help you whenever you are lost. The degree of knowledge in their employees is also significant. They understand the subtle details in different series. Based on your current interests, they can suggest another series you may like. They can even tell you which Midtown Comics store may have what you need. Finally, if nothing else, point you to another staff member who knows even more.

Our Opinions

Midtown Comics dedicates itself to help you build your collection as fast as possible. The left side of the store is entirely devoted to the back-issues of different magazines and comics. Their stock is enormous and may contain the last issue you’ve been hunting. They also have a somewhat small, but still excellent, section for new arrivals of manga and comics. Thus, helping you stay up to date.

Also, above everything else, if you don’t like to get out much, you can order anything in the stores from their e-commerce website.

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