All You Need To Know About Future Star Wars Comics -

All You Need To Know About Future Star Wars Comics

future star wars comics

Stars Wars is a classic that Marvel has made everyone a fan of. It’s not just the movies people also love reading the comics that are full of adventure and thrill. You can also read these comics and make the most of your time. The comics have stunning graphics and brilliant storylines. Here is a list of the future StarWars comics and you are going to love these future Star Wars comics that are going to release very soon!

Star Wars: Darth Vader

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The new Star Wars comics is going to drop on 10th February 2021. It is going to be 23 pages long and it is going to be one of the best comics in the year. After the first comic this one promises to be full of surprises and horrors. The book is titled The Red Horror and it is sure to be a thrilling ride filled with scary scenes and frightening twists. If you have read the first one and you are waiting for the next one then your wait is almost over. Darth Vader is ready to face challenges and overcome the obstacles in this comic book that is written by Greg Park. The visuals of the comic also look stunning and the designer is Raffaele Lenco.

Star Wars: The High Republic


This comic promises to be an amazing ride filled with adventure and thrill. The series was a hit when it released and this one is sure to follow the same path. You will see Jedi conquer all the obstacles that come his way to claim what is his. This is going to be a comic that you will never forget due to the amazing storyline and the characters. If you are looking to read a series that will leave you spellbound then this is the one for you. The release date of this comic is 3rd March 2021 so you still have time. But it is going to pass soon and this novel will be in your hands and you can enjoy it fully.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters

This is the last comic of the series and the conclusion is going to be fantastic. It is a comic that the fans have been waiting for and the release date of the comic is 17th March 2021. It is only a bit of a wait but we know you must be really excited to read this one so that you can come to know how it ends. It will be an adventure-filled ride full of action and mystery. You will love the twists and turns that are there in the comic along with the smooth graphics that immediately hold you attention.


These are the future Star Wars comics that you can get your hands on and you are going to love each one of them. If you love comics that are filled with adventure and mystery then these are the ones that you should buy. You can read the Kindle edition or you can even buy the print version of these book; the choice is yours!

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