Alternate Versions Of Deadpool In The Marvel Universe -

Alternate Versions Of Deadpool In The Marvel Universe

Alternate Versions Of Deadpool In The Marvel Universe
Alternate Versions Of Deadpool In The Marvel Universe

Ever since Marvel Comics brought the Merc with a Mouth to life with Deadpool comic, the character’s fan-base is strong. Deadpool is the most entertaining anti-hero of all time. And technically, Deadpool is the only fictional character who is aware that he is a fictional character. This is the reason why Deadpool keeps on talking to his audiences everywhere on comics, games, and also in movies.

Over time Marvel comics brought different versions of Deadpool to life such as Mimepool, Knightpool, and Galactus version of Deadpool. Some of the greatest Deadpool mash-ups in the Deadpool comic are listed below.

Death Mask – The Combination Of Doctor Doom and Deadpool

In Marvel’s Deadpool comic, there is a marginal difference between criminally insane and super genius. The Deadpool of Earth 11538 was going through a life-threatening brain tumor. Reed Richard or Mr. Fantastic removed the tumor, but the results were very devastating.

The outcome of the surgery was Deadpool became a super genius who likes to conduct criminal misdemeanor. Deadpool began calling himself Death Mask and gave up his classic red spandex.

Venompool- The Fusion between An Alien Symbiote and Deadpool

Alternate Versions Of Deadpool In The Marvel Universe
Alternate Versions Of Deadpool In The Marvel Universe

In the 2011 Deadpool comic line, Venom chose Deadpool as its host, and hence they became Venompool. The Venompool storyline What If was set on the Earth-90211. Galactus hires Deadpool to track down Beyonder and kill him. Later he went on a mission for tracking Beyonder, and upon meeting with Beyonder, he became a disco buff. Both Beyonder and Deadpool began throwing massive parties, and Deadpool also grew Jheri curls to celebrate the festivity of Disco.

Lady Deadpool – The female version of Deadpool

Earth 3010’s Wanda Wilson lacks the sense to belong to a place. And this version of Deadpool in the comic storyline fought the evil version of Captain America, General America. Eventually, she found the place she can belong to after leading a group of powerful individuals, the Deadpool Corps.

It was Lady Deadpool who warned that the Deadpool of Earth-616 would kill Deadpools scattered around the multiverse. The only disturbing thing about the Earth-3010 Lady Deadpool was she made out with the original Deadpool.

Headpool/Zombie Deadpool – The Zombie Version of Deadpool

The Zombie Version of Deadpool has its roots from the third issue of Marvel Zombie. The Deadpool from Earth 2149 came into contact with a zombie apocalypse. Even the creators of the story arc do not show how the zombie apocalypse came into being. Eventually, the walking dead Deadpool found his way to Earth 616 where Jennifer Kale killed him. Thus the Zombie Deadpool became Headpool.

Nevertheless, the merciful Deadpool of Earth 616 felt that Headpool would serve a purpose in the Deadpool Corps. Eventually, Headpool met with his end when an Evil Deadpool put him in a microwave and made him explode.

Dreadpool – The “Deadly” Deadpool

This version of Deadpool believes in mass destruction and murder. Dreadpool belongs to the Earth 12101, and on this Earth, he killed all the other Deadpools.

Psycho-Man brainwashed Deadpool by saying that the world Deadpool lives in is fake, and he has to kill everyone living in Earth-12101. Later on, Deadpool of Earth-616 put an end to Dreadpool.

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