An Overview Of Star Wars Comic Books – A Star Wars Expanded Universe

star wars expanded universe

The Star Wars Expanded Universe, also known as EU in short, is the name used to talk about the Star Wars books, comics, video games, and more that were a member of the Star Wars canon prior to April 25. Let’s talk about a few of the star wars comic books included. 

Han Solo And Chewy: 

Star Wars

In this book, it is all about Han Solo and Chewy. The best thing that makes this book even more interesting is that they have a long list of supporting characters and two very popular characters. In addition, the character who was introduced at the start of the novel is Boba Fett, a major player in the Vegas scenes where we got to see his home planet, Endor. I suggest you go for this book.

Boba Fett: 

Star Wars

In the second book Boba Fett is introduced as a mysterious new bounty hunter who hides his face using a bandanna. After a while, we find out his real name is Vassel Ovarian. Thereafter witnessing the murder of his cousin on board a ship run by the nefarious Jabba, the Hutt assemble a small group consisting of bounty hunters and a few Imperials and sets out to recover the body. In the end, the EmpireEmpire is on its way to conquer the planet, and Boba Fett escapes and becomes a valuable part of the Rebel Alliance.

Darth Vader by Kieron Gillen: 

This series is done by Marvel with Kieron Gillen and Salvador Laroca. This story is basically of a villain’s journey and getting to learn about Dr. Aphra. Moreover, we all get to see the story of Darth Vader himself, so it would be the best Star War comic that everyone should read. Kanan by Greg Weisman: In this comic, you would get to know all unknown facts and mysteries related to Kanan’s past, such as why was he named Kanan? What was his original Jedi name? How did he escape the stormtroopers? This is a refreshing story where we get to experience something new about the Star War world, which we didn’t know completely.

Lando by Charles Soules: 

It is a yet amazing comic about Lando and Lobot. This story is set in the time after a new hope and before the EmpireEmpire strikes back, and the key part here is Lobot.

All about Star Wars Expanded Universe – 

It is an Expanded Universe set in the Star Wars franchise that includes shows, novels, and comics that cover many stories in the Star Wars galaxy. The Star Wars expanded universe provide us with very amazing shows such as:

  • Live-action shows like Andor, Lando, etc.
  • Animated shows like clone wars, Rebels, etc.
  • Web series like Forces of Destiny and Galaxy of Adventures.
  • Video games like Secrets of EmpireEmpire, commander, etc.
  • Books such as Choose your destiny, Queen’s shadow, and many more.
  • Comics such as The High Republic, Darth Maul, Age of Republic, etc.


To conclude, if you haven’t read any Star Wars comics, then you can go for the list mentioned above. The two Star War comics and video games offer a unique perspective on its universe.

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