Batman An Animated Series Has Lasted Long Enough

batman animated series

Batman has had some of his own issues to deal with over the years. He’s faced off against the Caped Crusader and other villains such as the Joker, Robin, and Two-Face. There have also been several side stories to this superhero. There have even been some guest stars introduced into the Batman anime such as Catwoman, The Riddler, and the late Rachel Dawes. But what hasn’t Batman overcome is the villains he’s encountered on his way to becoming the superhero known as Batman.

The first animated series of Batman was one titled Batman: The Cape, based on the old detective comics. There were two full seasons of this highly popular series. And it was a very faithful recreation of the dark knight’s history, right down to the smallest detail. This series lasted for eleven seasons, and was a huge success. It paved the way for what we have today, The Dark Knight.

An Overview

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The second animated series of Batman was the TV movie series that followed suit of The Cape. It was much less successful in terms of ratings, but nevertheless was a huge hit. There were four movies in the series. The first one was the Dark Knight. It was very thrilling to see Batman at his core of strength, but also showed why he became the Prince Of Gotham. This film established many of the ideals that have led to the modern day Batman.

There have been a lot of follow up movies to the original series, and each one has its own characters and stories to tell. The latest Batman animated series, The Dark Knight, has Batman confronting evil henchmen, the Scarecrow, and other villains that are part of the plot of the movie. The stories take place in Gotham City, where Batman lives and works.

Batman Animated Series Fact

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The Dark Knight is the most recent Batman animated series. There have been other spinoff series and movies as well, but The Dark Knight is the most complete series of the Batman movies. The story is about a villain known as The Joker who has taken over Gotham City. He has transformed it into a city that resembles no other. His dark, twisted humor has made this series one of the most memorable in the history of the comic book.

The Dark Knight is a film that is considered to be ground breaking in both the movie industry and also in the comic book industry. Not only does it break all of the previous Batman stories, but it completely rewrites the rule book. The first stories where Batman was just a normal everyday guy, following the same routine every day. It was no different than any other superhero at the time. In The Dark Knight you are told that not only does Batman have to fight crime, but he has to deal with internal struggles as well.

There have been many different writers for the series, but one of the most popular is Tom Hardy. Hardy’s Batman is far from the dark, brooding character that we’ve come to know him as. He is funny and smart and his personality and relationships with other characters is far more complex than most. The Dark Knight series has proven that Batman can have all of the best comic book superhero stories that we’ve seen over the past several decades.

Bottom Line

While the animation is pretty good, it can’t compare to the fantastic storytelling and incredible acting. People have been begging Disney to make an animated series version of The Dark Knight. They would pay top dollar, but they haven’t had any luck so far. But if anything they have done is enough to show that a movie, animated or otherwise, can be just as good as a comic book adaptation.

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