Best Dc Comics Stories You Should Read Before You Die -

Best Dc Comics Stories You Should Read Before You Die

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What’s the best storey in DC comics ever? The subject is still debating and will continue for some time. It is a question. However, DC is something more than a few cool T-shirt symbols. Along the road, TIME Magazine and The New York Times created some of the greatest comic books ever, many with a high reward. If you’re interested in getting to know some classic stories for DCU movies like The Batman or want to just revisit some classics, you’ll find here the 10 best DC comic stories ever.

1.The Killing Joke


If not, Killing Joke will be the best storey ever made in Batman with another entry on this series. It not only gives background to one of Batman’s biggest foes, The Joker, but also lays the basis for Barbara Gordon’s shift in character.

Killing Joke also confirms the role of Alan Moore, one of the greatest authors ever featured in the comic book.

2.The Dark Knight Returns

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The Dark Knight Returns remains a gemstone in the industry in a world where superheroes stand on top of each lunchbox and firms are more concerned to keep status as they do than produce real art. In this context, DC is consolidated as an organisation which is much more innovative and audacious than its distinguished competition.


Watchmen are setting the stage for the future of bands with their in-depth look at the psyche of those who put their clothes on them, their twisting finish, and even more, and it’s almost a cliche to call them the best ever.

4.Kingdom Come

Although Kingdom Come showed Mark Waid’s almost superhuman knowledge of DCU and the huge talent of Alex Ross behind a burnt brush, he also recognised readers who are repeatedly returned to the dystopian series Elseworlds by Waid and Ross. In every sense of the word, Kingdom Come is a classic and continues to be the best storey DC has made, and we expect renewed focus from DC with 2021, about to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publication.

5.Infinite Crisis

The Infinite Crisis has all – the great act of the superheroes, a love for DC’s past and a tale of heroism’s significance in the dusk. It has an enduring effect, just like CoIE, and it shows that a little optimism will go even in the obscured contemporary comic industry.

6.Red son

Superman: Red Son is a three-edition prestigious book series of comic books released under Else world in 2003 by DC Comics. The comic was written by Author Mark Millar under the title “What if Superman had been brought up in the Soviet Union?” It was honoured and nominated for Best Limited Series for the 2004 Eisner Award.


DC Comics’ timeless epics have brought the comics to the forefront and made them more than mere tales about each other’s superheroes. They are among the best fictitious tales of modern time, having transcended their genre.

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