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Blade is a fictional character appearing mainly in American comic books produced by Marvel Comics. He is the silent, blade-wielding crime-fighting vigilante who works for the Avengers. Created by writer Marv Wolfman & penciler Gene Colan, his very first appearance was in The Tomb of Dracula#10 as an integral supporting character, though later went on to feature several different storylines. He is one of many original Avengers characters to be featured in the series of movies, comics, and television specials that have followed in the wake of the original team’s dissolution. He is also a member of the X-Men, where he continues to have various starring roles, including most recently in the highly popular movie X-Men: First Class.

Blade is an aging martial arts expert and ex-cop with a mysterious past. Born in segregated Chicago, Blade was raised in poverty. He was believed to be the sole heir to his family’s fortune, a noble cause that would keep him out of the limelight for most of his life. As a child, he witnessed his younger brother brutally murdered. At the age of eighteen, Blade went to live with his Uncle Ben, where he was trained in martial arts and became an excellent swordsman and fighter.

Some Interesting Facts About Blade’s History

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One of the more intriguing facets of Blade’s history is that he has several variations. First, there is the Frank Castle version from the novels and comics, which have a very different origin. As a young man, Castle was actually very abusive to his younger sister. As a result, she developed a deep hatred for the world and men in general, and was actually quite proficient with martial arts. She even had an almost supernatural ability to defeat men.

However, during the late years of his life, Castle developed a serious mental disorder. While in therapy, he discovered a cure for his sister’s disease, he also discovered a mysterious force that could transform him into a more violent personality. In some versions of the character’s history, he is also married to an American woman and they had a son together. However, in most accounts, he remained single until he discovered the mysterious woman and began to train in martial arts.

There Are Many Different Versions Of The Character

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There are several different versions of the character, all of which deal with the struggle of the Blades. The first was a female swordsman who was loved by all and trained by Stick. Stick died in the series, however, and now blades are only known to exist in the Marvel Universe. This new version of Blade is known as Ghost Rider and was created by Rob Liefeld, the same person who was responsible for creating the original Ghost Rider.

Another version of the character appeared in the ongoing series of New Avengers. He was originally a member of the Fantastic Four and went on to join the Avengers after Reed left the team to become an alcoholic.

During the Secret Wars storyline, Ghost Rider was badly injured in an explosion while traveling to New York City. While in the hospital, he underwent a transformation, becoming almost unrecognizable. He was covered with scars and looked like a scarred motorcycle helmet. He was also berserk, taking on one of the worst desires of his victim, killing any and all who crossed his path.

Bottom Line

Since his appearance in Secret Wars, there have been a few different versions of the character portrayed, most notably in the movie versions. One of the most recent movies to feature Ghost Rider is the 2021 version starring Tom Cruise. While it does take place in the same universe as the original, it takes place in a time period after the events of Secret Wars. This continuity is important to the fans, as it means that they do not need to worry about how things will connect if they have seen the movie before.

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