Cheetah DC Comics - A Closer Look -

Cheetah DC Comics – A Closer Look

Cheetah Dc Comics

The Cheetah, an African cheetah breed, is an imaginary villain appearing mostly in DC comics books and related mediums, often as the arch enemy of the comic’s main hero, Wonder Woman. Her animal alter ego has a large black cheetah coat with a striped white-striped patch. The Cheetah’s distinctive appearance and features make her a popular choice of villains in comic book stories.



The Cheetah was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics #15. She was a member of a criminal organization that operated in New York City. She made her first appearance to fight Wonder Woman (then known as Diana Prince). In her first comic book appearances, she was shown as a female member of a group of ruthless criminals.

The Cheetah had a dual personality. She was an archenemy, and a member of a criminal organization. She was an animal lover, and a member of a secret society dedicated to protecting animals. She often teamed up with her archnemesis, the criminal genius Dr. Psycho. In her civilian life, she was a reporter for a newspaper in New York City.

In her adventures, the Cheetah was usually depicted as being extremely cunning, manipulative, and clever. Her skills were often compared to those of Batman, Superman, or the Flash. She was also an accomplished fighter, and her fighting skills were said to be even greater than Batman’s.

Cheetah DC Comics Abilities

A close up of a cat with its mouth open

The Cheetah’s abilities are best displayed when she transforms into a super-speed cat and battles Wonder Woman and the Flash. She can fly, shoot energy beams, and leap great distances. She can also control objects by touch. In most comics, she fights alongside the Justice League, though she often uses her cat-like ability to escape from captivity.

In one storyline, Cheetah was seen as the prime suspect in the murder of Clark Kent and his girlfriend, Lois Lane. She was also blamed for the death of her lover, Jason Todd. In another story, she and her brother were blamed for the kidnapping of the young boy, Stephen. Though she was convicted for the latter crime, she escaped from prison and later rescued her brother from his kidnappers.

In other stories, Cheetah is shown to have the power to use animals as weapons. She used them to battle the Justice League, and her arch nemesis, Dr. Psycho. She is also shown to be capable of flight.

What Cheetah Symbolizes

While many comics are centered around the Cheetah, she has also been portrayed in other stories as a villain. She was also responsible for the death of Aquaman’s wife, Queen Hippolyta.

In one story, Cheetah was captured by the JSA and taken to prison. The JSA members were then joined by Superman and Batman, who tried to free her and take her back to the Justice League. The two heroes eventually fell out after Cheetah was possessed by Parasite X.

In a sequel to Superman: The Man of Steel, The Death of Superman, the Cheetah is mentioned as the main antagonist. Parasite X kidnapped Superman’s wife, Lois Lane, and Superman had to go into battle with the Cheetah in order to rescue her. In this issue, the Cheetah had to contend with the arrival of Superman’s children, as well as the powers of Wonder Woman.

The Cheetah was also seen as a villain in an issue of Justice League International, where she was responsible for the death of the JLA’s Martian Manhunter, John Stewart. She had the ability to create a storm of water and freeze people.

She was not seen in future issues of Justice League International, however, and was replaced by another member of the Justice League, the Wasp. She did, however, appear in the Justice League animated series. Cheetah did not, however, appear in the recent Justice League movie, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

Final Thoughts

In the latest issue of the Justice League cartoon, The Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, the Cheetah is mentioned in a few panels. The comic book version of Cheetah is also featured, and was seen fighting against the Justice League.

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