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Comic Books – The Ultimate Journey

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If there were a single genre of comic book that has consistently made a strong impression on the American public over the decades, it would have to be comics. With stories ranging from the ultra-dark, superhero type of comics to the pure fantasy type of comic books, there is no telling what kind of comic book story will capture the imagination of comic book readers for years to come. Comic books are also popular among teenagers and children nowadays. In fact, one of the most important elements of growing up today is being able to read comic books.

Analyzing The Comic Books Superheroes And Characters

Some comic book enthusiasts argue that superheroes are not real people. However, there is no denying the fact that a great many of today’s popular comic book characters are very real people with very human emotions and problems. They have families and loved ones who they fight against for the cause. Their relationships with their friends and fellow comic book fanatics are just as real and sometimes even more complicated than their own relationships with other humans.

In many ways, these characters are more like their human counterparts. They have parents who they love and a home that they live in. However, they are much more protected by their costume and secret identities than they would be otherwise. In addition, many of the comic writers and artists try to present their creations in a very heroic light, to counteract the sometimes horrendous world that many people see in the movies and television. Some of these creations, such as Star Wars, have even become inspirational for those who follow their paths.

The Star Wars

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It was not too long ago when Star Wars had just gotten its big break when the movie became a huge success. Over the following years, the characters of Star Wars have grown to become very popular. More people began to identify with these characters and to experience their adventures in the comforts of their homes.

One of the biggest things that have helped make the characters of Star Wars so beloved is the original comic book series. In particular, there are two series that have really captured the world by storm. The original Star Wars comic book series from pencil and paper has sold tens of thousands of issues. While the success of this franchise paved the way for the dark sagas of Star Wars, there have been many other successful comic book series. Of course, The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Jedi have made many fans happy as well.

For example, there is the ongoing comic series written by Darth Vader creator Todd Hughes. This series has proven to be very popular among Star Wars fans. In addition, there are the darkly funny Darth Vader and the amazing Agent Pleasure. There are also many other amazing comic book series that have been written and drawn by some of today’s top comic creators.

In The End

Of course, there are always the classics. The most popular Star Wars comic books will include the classic stories that have been collected over the decades. These books usually contain the original movies, along with a plethora of side stories that have nothing to do with the main movies.

One of the most popular eras in the history of Star Wars has been the early years of the trilogy. There were a lot of exciting new stories that took place between Episodes I and II, and now fans can relive those times with the recent release of the Original Trainspotting film. There are many other classic comic books that are related to the Original Trilogy as well. Check your local store or library for a quick list of where you can find your favorite books and comic books with this exciting genre.

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