Common Mistakes Beginner Comic Artists Make

No one becomes the comic artist star on the very first day of their online comic journey. It takes a lot of time and several trials and errors to learn how things actually go on in the world of webcomics. Every popular funny comic artist that you know on the internet didn’t become the star on the first day. Even they started with fewer views, mostly received from friends and families and then slowly got to the top!

The Mistakes Every Beginner Funny Comic Artists Make
The Mistakes Every Beginner Funny Comic Artists Make

 However, if you believe your funny comics are good and you have been in this online web-comic world for several days and still not getting views, then there must be something wrong. If you are a beginner and confused why your funny comic story is not getting noticed by people, then there may be few mistakes you are making. If you wish to know what are they then please read on!

Not Figuring Out The Plot

Most comic artists who are beginning with their comic career don’t plan out their story properly because of the rush to do a few good scenes. You may start with a great scene that will grab the attention of the readers but as you move on you may feel that you don’t have enough ideas and at the end, the many great scenes you thought of putting in your funny comic, doesn’t really fit in. so, you don’t feel like continuing anymore.  So, you need to create a story skeleton before you jump into drawing the masterpiece that will make you a star.

Lack Of Motivation

 Not having motivation is the reason why many great comic artists can’t continue for long enough. You need to have the passion and the motivation to continue your story and finish it. You need to make an update list and follow it religiously to keep you motivated. If you miss the updates then you may feel frustrated and at the end give up the whole project altogether. 

Not Making Your Update Schedule Known To The Viewers

The Mistakes Every Beginner Funny Comic Artists Make
The Mistakes Every Beginner Funny Comic Artists Make

If you are working or studying while you are doing comics then it’s not possible to do many pages a single day. Therefore, make sure to have a schedule where you will find time to work on your funny comic and post them for your viewers. If you inform your viewers the day of the week you are going to upload your work, they will surely visit your profile to check them if they like your funny comic story very much! If you don’t do that, you will see the number of views going down slowly.

Freaking Out If Your Character’s Look Changes

When you start with a story, the drawing of a character may be something and when you have done several pages, you may see that the character has changed a bit. However, you don’t need to freak out for that. People may like the new changes. And since you are drawing the same character consistently, by the end of the funny comic story, your character will look better as you have practiced way too many times. So, don’t panic if they don’t look too similar!

Not Following A Consistent Step-By-Step Method

You may be a Picasso, but you need to maintain consistency when you are doing a comic. Follow a particular page size, practice drawing a rough before going on to the real stuff and also make cleaner bubbles for the texts. Make sure everything is perfect before you dump in all the color. Once you put the color, it becomes troublesome to make any kind of changes. So, make sure that you go step by step on all the drawings you make for your funny comic. Also, don’t rush things because the comic is a slow business. It may even take more than 4 hours just to draw the rough and then work on the other parts!

Using Too Many Colors On Your Comic Page

 After you are done with inking, you need to see that you don’t use way too many colors. The overall page must look simple yet attractive. It should not look too much rainbowy. Therefore, try to choose at least 6-7 colors to put in all the places. When your readers will read your comic they will get used to the colors they see on your comic, so you should not worry about not doing enough colors on your scenes or characters.

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