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DC Comic History – The First Black Superhero

dc comics first black superhero

Who created DC comics first, Black lightning or Superman? It’s a question many ask and plenty of followers have given answers to these questions over the years. But, most comic book readers are just blissfully unaware of who created DC comics first. So let’s break it down.

In the early days of comics, the comic book industry was predominantly white. This made it easier for comic creators to create stories that were more universal and easier for readers to understand. DC, also known as DC comics, was one of the first companies to make this kind of change. First black superhero was Black Lightning!

An Overview

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Created by writer Bill Finger and artist Jack Kirby, Black Lightning is a sidekick of Lightning. The two first met when Lightning was trapped in a mystical alternate dimension after being cast out of his own world by a god. There he traveled with other powerful beings, including a woman named Storm. They had to fight against evil and every dark villain they came across. Eventually, they learned that their mutual enemy was Magneto, who was a member of the X-Men.

In the first series of Black Lightning comics, Lightning was a young girl in a wheelchair, run off by a mugger. After saving her life, Lightning encountered a new dark magical force and went on to become the first black superhero. She starred in her own series, several specials and one ongoing series. Her popularity soared when her romantic relationship with Rachel Dawes, the star of the hit TV show dated back to the seventies, reached the audience.

The History

Following a long absence from the comic scene, Black Canary was introduced in the late seventies, following the retirement of Robin. Once again, she proved herself an integral member of the Justice League and the Birds of Prey. The Canary’s greatest strength may be in her ability to fly, although she is also quite strong and has shown flashes of martial arts abilities, including her ability to throw enemies off the top of her car! She also managed to romance both Green Lantern and Superman, though she eventually went through an affair with Hawkgirl.

Though her name wasn’t included on any titles until recent years, Batwoman certainly quickly established her greatness as the first black superhero. She featured in various specials, one of which saw her fighting crime in her city while wearing a leather BatMobile. She is very popular with female readers, perhaps because of her no-nonsense attitude. She is well known for saving the city of Gotham and combating evil there, although her love life is a mystery.

Circus Clown 

The Batista has a long history in the DC Universe, having first been a circus clown and circus organizer. After being attacked by Black Mask, he transformed him into a crime-fighting crusader. He appeared again in the New 52 comic and has been featured in many other comics since then. In the most recent comic storylines, he was revealed to have become the beloved Batmite, although his original identity remains the same.

Although Catwoman is not a true member of the Justice League, she does share a relationship with Batman and Superman. She is a powerful crime-fighter, and frequently teams up with either of them. She is one of the most popular of the DC comics’ black superheroes and was ranked number one in the best sellers list for 2021. Although not a mainstream comic book character, Catwoman is one of DC’s most interesting characters.

Popular Characters 

The Black Canary is a fan-voted character, who has been featured in the popular TV show, Smallville. She is a modern day super heroine, who uses her speed, stealth, and her Canary Cry to battle villains. She is not actually a superhero, but she does combine elements of the two to make herself very effective villains. She has appeared in several comics, including a solo comic book series and an ongoing series.

The mysterious masked vigilante, known as The Question, is also part of the Justice League. Although he is called the Question, he rarely shows up in person in any of the comic book series, only ever to make an appearance in a drawing or two. Although he may not have superpowers, he does wear a mask that resembles a super hero’s suit. The Question is a founding member of the League, along with the Flash and Superman.


The Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, is the most prominent member of the Green Lantern Corps. The mysterious African-American is the ring bearer of the Lantern rings, which have become powerful artifacts with the power to restore peace and energy when they are damaged. The rings worn by the Lantern act as a connection to their home base, known as the Earth. The rings can absorb the energy of other rings, which allows the wielder to draw power from the ring and use it to fight evil. There are many other well-known black superheroes like Black Canary and The Phantom, who have made their comic book debut.

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