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DC Comics News From Last Week

On this latest episode of the DC Comics News Podcast, the DCN team discusses all the major happenings within the world of DC, from the latest death of iconic writer Art allowance Hardy, to the promotion of a new Batman television show. Plus, in our post-credits scene, we get a look at the long-awaited return of Wonder Woman as she launches her own TV series! Don’t miss it!

DC Comics News Podcast Features Interviews With Associate Editorials

In our last podcast, we discussed the future of Batman, focusing on the Death of Batman storyline. In this one, we take a look at some of the fan reactions to the death of Batman. Some folks are obviously unhappy, while others are thrilled. If you have any theories or ideas about how Batman will deal with his untimely death, this is the podcast for you! In addition, we also talk about the new Batman television show, The Batman Chronicles, which debuts later this year. We also discuss whether or not the new Batman and Robin will be shown in the New 52.

This DC Comics News Podcast features interviews with Associate Editorials Editor-in-chief Amy Snodgrass, Managing Editor James Meanslow, and contributor Jordan D. White. These three team members work together to provide the latest scoop on DC comics and introduce some of your favorite characters to fans around the world. This podcast features reviews of various comic books, television shows, movies, and other merchandise from DC Entertainment. We hope that you enjoy our podcast as much as we enjoy making them.

Interview With Executive Producer/President Of Television

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Our latest podcast features interviews with Associate Editorials Editor-in-Chief Steven W. Wise, Managing Editor Rich Macy, and writer Scot McKnight. These three discuss the future of the DC comics universe, as well as what they are planning for the future of the Batman titles. We discuss whether or not there will be any more Ultimate Editions of classic characters such as Batman and Robin, maybe a spinoff of the Justice League or even a TV series based on the Flash. Finally we talk about whether or not there will be any more Ben Affleck movies starring as Batman. We end our DC Comics News segment with an interview with actor Anthony Michael Hall as the future of Batman.

Our third and final installment of our DC comics News podcast features an interview with Executive Producer/President of Television at FX Networks, John Landgraf. We review the new TV show, No Ordinary Family, starring Jennifer Aniston, Michael Caine, and Dabney Coleman. We also talk about the new animated feature film, WWI, featuring Ben Affleck as WWI’s Batman. We end our episode with an in depth discussion of the canceled TV show, Happy Days. Our next podcast is a look at the new movie, The Incredibles.

Makes It An Interesting Action/Adventure Movie

Our latest podcast dedicated to breaking down every episode of The Dark Knight Rises focuses on the movie, from start to finish. We discuss what makes it an interesting action/adventure movie, what some of the major changes have been, whether or not Heath Ledger was already dead before he died, and how emotional the movie was. In the end, we give our overall rating and conclusion and send off The Dark Knight Rises review. Finally, we talk about the new animated series, Harley Quinn and More from the Wachowski brothers. This new series revolves around a teenager who wears Harley’s crazy boots, has supernatural powers, and is not afraid to be a badass. With two episodes left in the season, I expect this one to be a huge hit.

Our last DC comics news article talks about the release date for Batman: The Dark Knight. The movie will be available in theaters on May 6th, but you can pre-order it now and get a cheaper price. There will also be a deleted scene, featuring the Riddler. If you thought the Riddler was dead in the Dark Knight, then you were wrong. He is alive and he is waiting for someone who can challenge him. In an upcoming episode, we will see how The Riddler conquers Gotham City.

Final Words

This was a quick and easy look at a few of the major happenings of DC comics this past week. We hoped you enjoyed our picks of a few popular shows as well as a quick look at what’s in store for us in the future. Now that you’ve had a chance to catch up on all the DC comics news you need to know, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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