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DC Comics TV Shows – Renewal May Be Coming

dc comics tv shows

They are a hit among children and adults alike, and every member of the cast and crew is beloved by their fans. With some of the best comic book super villains around today, DC Comics has become known for bringing in new iconic bad guys such as the Joker and Catwoman to fight against the Caped Crusader. In this article I want to look at how they have created iconic characters like Batman and Superman and created a network of characters that continue to grow in popularity today.

Television Series That Make Up The Dc Universe

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There are three television series that make up the DC universe, and each one has their own spin on events. They range from the classic TV series that began in 1939, which is called the New 52, to the latest TV series which started in the summer of 2021 and is known as the Dark Knight. Each of these different series have a different take on classic stories and have achieved huge success among their fans. If you like any of these TV shows, then you will definitely enjoy watching either one of them. The main DC Universe TV Shows are:


One of the most popular DC comic book television shows, Smallville is about a high school student who becomes the center of attention after he ends up saving the entire world. He is followed by his best friend, his family and of course, Clark Kent, who try to do his best to help him. Season one of the digital comics featured a story that was written by Greg Berlanti, who went on to star in many successful television shows including 24, spinoff of Supergirl and Everwood. Since it’s midseason break, the show is back with the same cast, but with a whole new era of heroes.

Batman: The Dark Knight

After the events of the Dark Knight, Batman has returned as the ultimate crime-fighting vigilante, taking over the city and instituting a Batman-centric version of the Phantom Zone in Gotham City. He uses a heavy machine gun to fight off bad guys and doesn’t have a long list of supporting cast members. The first season of the digital comics featured a story that was written by Tom Whalberg and has featured many memorable characters. It was followed by the second season, which featured a new storyline and a new villain for the Dark Knight. There are also rumors that the third season may feature an animated series based around the Dark Knight.

Young Justice

The first animated series based on the DC comic books was a hit when it first debuted. Based on the DC comic book, it follows the exploits of the young heroes, called the Justice League. It featured a number of popular characters like Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and the Flash. It was followed by the second season, which focused on stories focusing on the villains in the DC Universe and the third season which saw the cancellation of the series.


The animated TV shows featured in the third season of DC’s The Flash, including No Ordinary Family, and Forever or Never, were cancelled after the second season. The cancellation of these shows marked the end of an era for the superhero drama. However, it was short lived as the animated DC comic television shows have made a strong comeback in the past year or so. There are a number of DC animated TV shows in development, including Black Lightning, Beware the Batman, and No Ordinary Family. If you’re a comic book fan, then you’ll probably want to watch some of these!

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