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DCs Most Famous Comic Book Villains

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Hunter Zolomon, also known as Zoom, is a fictional supervillain appearing mainly in comic books written by DC comics. The second most prominent character to take on the Reverse-Flash role, he is the arch nemesis of both Wally West and The Flash. This mysterious villain was introduced in the very first volume of The Flash. Ever since then he has been a valuable supporting character for the hero in various different media.

This fictional character first made his comic book debut in the very first issue of the popular Flash comic. The character has since remained a mainstay in the Flash series, playing a key part in many of the storylines. He is often depicted as a severely impaired old man with a Walkman-like shaped head. His appearance is almost identical to that of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, another famous icon of MLK.

Evil Villain With The Zoom Powers

In the modern era, the character is often portrayed as an evil villain with the Zoom powers. His most well-known comic book storyline to this date is “Trinity”. In this issue, his aim is to take over the world by using the mysterious artifacts left behind by the three women he had loved. He seeks to rule by terrorizing the Flash and the Green Lantern.

Two of the most prolific writers of the character are Tomasi and Geoff Johns. In fact, both writers created a number of their own memorable villains. In the animated television series The Flash, played by Adam West, the superhero battles the evil Reverse-Flash. Here, he is given the name “Zoom” and he possesses the same green power ring worn by the original Flash.


In the recent animated movie The Dark Knight, the superhero fights the villain Bane. In this film, Batman has to team up with the latest wonder-worker, Wonder Woman. She uses a pair of non-metallic boots that make her appear more slender than before. It was also revealed that she uses a tiara on top of her hair. The pair of them usually fight off villains using their energy-based attack called Batplane.

The newest member of the DC Universe to take up bat-fighting is the super hero known as The Question. This character was created by writer Steve Orlando and artist Brettan Culkin. The Question is an alien who is the last remaining human being on Earth who can comprehend the answers to all the Planet’s inhabitants. He seeks to help humanity understand the truth about their existence. This character is featured in several different DC comics including the hit TV show Smallville.

The Joker

Another great villain introduced into the DC Universe is the villain known as The Joker. This character is obsessed with killing the powerful villains and even superheroes. He is portrayed by the late Heath Ledger. The Joker first appeared in the aforementioned Batman movie The Dark Knight. In this film, Ledger plays the Joker for a very brief period of time until the arrival of Christian Bale’s Batman.


Although both The Joker and The Riddler are very cunning and evil, they have two different ways of dealing with their crimes. The Joker has to use fear and psychological manipulation while The Riddler uses violence and poison. Both of these characters are featured extensively in numerous DC comic books and the TV series Smallville. Alternatively, you can buy any of the DC comics titles at your favorite comic book store or buy it in the comforts of your home through your digital reader.

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