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Everything You Need To Know About Leviathan DC Comics

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The Leviathan is a fictional organization in the DC comics series. It is actually a schism of the League o Assassins under the leadership of Talia al Ghul. She is the renowned daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. This criminal organization comes in a totally different form in the fourth season finale and in the fifth season of Supergirl series.

Publication History

Leviathan DC comics was first introduced in Batman: The Return in the January of 2011. It was created by Morrison and David Finch.

First Incarnation History

This organization was founded by the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, when she left her father’s League of Assassins. She believes in an anti-capitalist liturgy and seeks to disintegrate the society and impose her organization as the leaders of the new world.

Leviathan initially was recognized as a terror group amongst many heroes of Earth. It was this organization that kidnapped the child of Yemeni Sheikh. But, Batman later discovered that Leviathan was actually working with the Sheikh and they were together planning to attack the world with engineered metahumans and mind-controlled children.

On discovering this, Batman quickly connected the Leviathan organization to an apocalyptic vision that he had received while coming back from the dead. His organization, from then, started working towards opposing them. Later, Leviathan formed up behind Doctor Dedalus who is a Nazi master spy imprisoned on the Falkland Islands. But he has Alzheimers and is expected to have a short-lived life. As soon as Dedalus’ breakout occurs, Batman further investigated and found out a flow of child soldiers from several training camps stationed in the central African republic of Mtamba and also around the world. These camps were stationed for use by the Leviathan for their campaign. 

What followed was Batman’s incorporated struggle against Doctor Dedalus’ plan. Batman and his team ended up striking various empty locations, which were actually set up as traps by the Leviathan. Batman also later realized that Dedalus was only being used as a feint by the Leviathan. Talia al Ghul spoke on the telephone from their new headquarters to state Leviathan’s goal. Their goal was to wage a war against Batman’s followers and also to destroy civilization.

Talia manages to take control of the League of Assassins and adds more agents to the plan. Their next strike was to seed mind-controlling chemicals in the Gotham food supply through the Dark Tower fast food chain. This move would help them to take control the school system, the police and the civil service. Leviathan worked to control Gotham’s children.

The tale goes on and is very interesting to watch and follow. 

Second Incarnation

Leviathan DC comics also came in a second incarnation  in the pages of ‘Event Leviathan’. This series later also takes over Project Cadmus as Batgirl later.

The Leviathan DC comics is a thrilling series that one must not miss.

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