Famous DC Comic Villains

Dc Comics Villains

DC comics gave us the best supervillains of all times. It is only after reading about these characters, the world at large understood the concept of villains. Here is a list of the badass villains of all times.

Captain Cold

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Captain Cold is the leader of the Flash’s Rogues. He may not be the most vicious of all, but is a DC comic villain for sure. He is portrayed as everyman opportunist and a scoundrel who still has a code of honor. This honor has won him the respect of many fellow villains. Captain Cold also enjoys a topmost position as the street thug.


You may call this character a little in between hero and villain. He sometimes is shown teaming with his arch-enemies in the old DCU. He has even landed on the side of angels occasionally, but the main feature that stops him from becoming a superhero is his killer instinct. He is the ultimate assassin in the DC comics and a killer who has no remorse for his actions. He has been an anti-hero since many years now and maintains this title on a thin line. He does not fight against any greater evil, but is a cold-blooded assassin who can kill and exploit anyone.

Reverse Flash

This character is the exact opposite of Barry Allen, the pure-hearted nemesis. He is determined and even vicious. Ecobard Thawne, also known as Reverse Flash has killed Barry Allen’s mother and framed her father for the crime. He keeps using this story for the media. Thawne also inspired a villain legacy.

Lex Luthor

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He is top of the list villain of the DC comics and the greatest rival of Superman. He is shown in the role of a ruthless politician and a corrupt businessman. He is also shown as an untouchable mad scientist and a mega-powered menace. The guy is full of confidence and intellect that can’t be leveled by anyone. His greatest strength is his weakness and his selfishness. He could have used his gifts for the betterment of mankind, but he chooses to only benefit himself. He aligned himself with Justice League to lead a team of supervillains to defeat Crime Syndicate. Lex Luthor also absorbed the powers of Darkseid and got his level of strength. 


This character creates mayhem, madness and anarchy. He has a fractured personality and has always had a murderous side to him. He is also the greatest enemy of Batman and has challenged DC Universe all alone. He had seized the power of Mxyzptlk. He has a willingness to go further and strike deeper and it is this nature that makes him one of the biggest DC Comic villains. 

These are some of the villainous characters in the DC comics series. You might have a favorite superhero, but some readers also have a favorite supervillain.

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