Get To Know More Details About The Father Of Star-Lord Ego Marvel Comics

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Marvel has been one of the most popular comics of all time by Stan Lee. Now, after the release of the movie, it has taken its popularity to a different level. The characters in the comic and film have made this series very interesting. Every character has its importance and played an influential role in the comic. Even the living planet ego marvel comics have played an essential role in it. This character was a living planet pictured in the Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 movie. This planet was all different from all other planets as all its substances are alive and control the planet Ego’s consciousness.

Power And Abilities Of Ego Marvel Comic

This planet was the only living planet which was called the bioverse. It has so many features to look like a giant face when you want to address any powerful beings. It has the power to transform its surface into a dead planet or can be a beautiful paradise to attract space travelers. The Ego can itself raise its internal temperature to burn life forms inside. It has digestive organs to absorb living beings and an immune system that lets him release the antibodies to attack intruders.  The Ego is very intelligent, and as per its name, it has a significantly higher superiority complex and gets emotional if someone hurts the planet. His planet was full of all the luxurious abilities, which made Quill think of staying there for a while.

Meeting Of Peter Quill With Ego


From the very beginning, star lord or Peter quill was in search of his father. He reached this planet when Ayesha dispatched hundreds of drones towards the guardians and, while running from them, contacted this planet Ego marvel comics. As soon as they get there, Ego lands with the ship and gives Quill, Gamora, and Drax a tour of his planet. He also explained that he could take the humanoid disguise when he wants to interact with someone. Ego was the only one who asked Yondu to take Quill for the compensation of Meredith’s death, and after that Ego was searching for his son.

Death Of Ego Comic Marvel

As soon as Quill understands the intentions of the Ego Comic marvel, he places the bomb in his brain with the help of Groot. Ego keeps on requesting to remove the bomb as he would then lose the godhood and be like everyone else. Until that time, Quill has already taken the decision and the bomb explodes the Ego brain. Slowly the whole planet breaks down and ends the reign of Ego to conquer the galaxy.


With the popular Guardian of the galaxy, ego marvel comics got a different angle. By this story, it is well explained that you can’t have that superiority complex, and keeping Ego for a longer time can one day lead you to an end. He saved himself from so many enemies. Ego dreamt of conquering the world, but his son destroyed him because of his wrong intentions and poor egoistic mentality.

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