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In the Hollywood industry, they suggested that the best way to make more money is to go into comic book characters or book characters into a blockbuster movie in Hollywood.

So most of them have come from DC Comics or Marvel comics. Big stars of the DC comics that became popular are Dark knight and superman, also Batman.

Marvel characters also made in movies are Electra, Daredevil, the Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider, Blade, The Fantastic Four, and The X-men.

Other characters made from comics include Captain America and Punisher. Some are still coming soon.

Some of the favorites like Marvel characters mention. So mention who your favorite one is?so I will mention some you have not heard about before

 I. Moon Knight

A close up of comics

  you might have heard of Batman, Iron man, such a massive comic series. He has the magic power of the goddess moon. He has a positive character of comic you might prefer.

ii. Ghost Rider

A books

we have heard about the ghost rider, a special character, although the many vengeance characters, Johnny blaze, portray the original character of the ghost rider. Playing a great role in that character that people hardly forgot .so recent ones in 2014, Robbie Reyes took the character role and entertained the audience.

iii. Hercules.

I hope to introduce his name earlier. He is a legend of the marvel comic. His character is a super- stronger hero from a distant age. He also has a bad character such as drinking issues .he He has a positive character, and others admire.


He has one of the most powerful comic series characters, very dangerous who seeks justice all every time.

Though blind, he has some super-natural power to sense the things before.he also has a super heightened sense of power that makes him all-powerful.its the best of the crime series and grime justice option required for you.


Another most powerful is nova, who saves the planet and fights for the galaxy. Recently, Richard Rider saved the nova crop with his power. However, the agent corps is the intergalactic department that does the work for the stars and galaxy.when others are wiped away. The rider takes the order to save the galaxy and becomes the superhero.

v.Luke Cage

one of the most endearing characters of the marvel comic books. We also know him to be the most talented power man. Very powerful and a crime fighter. However, the no-nonsense and his superpower attitude stands him out .you will get more information about this character in the book.

vi.Iron Fist

Iron fist is different from iron man.he is the best kung fu fighters .he had his training from the Kun Lun, a mythical place. Also talented is from his kicking and hip-pop training with his brothers,

Luke cage.

However, both brothers are constantly protecting the city of New York safe from any evil.

vii. Thanos

His character is well-known .he  is the embodiment of cold .he has a huge purple chin, which identifies the character, and also is the leading character of infinity war and the end game in 2018 and 2019.

viii.Black Widow

Black widow is a well-known character of the series. A deadly and beautiful assassin who is known and Scarlett. Natasha Romanov is playing the character of the Black Widow, also very dangerous human with no superpower. Still, she can trade blows like Thanos also in the series, positive and negative characters are available, making the series interesting with their deeds and works.

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