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Greatest Superhero Comics of All Times

Greatest Superhero Comics

Superheroes have certainly shaped a lot of how we have seen good and the evil in the world. Every kid starts off with dreaming about becoming wonder woman or superman. Moreover, we are rewatching all of these classic stories as movies. We cry with them, laugh with them, be in awe of their powers and die with them.

Secret Wars (Marvel)

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Secret Wars was the origin of the Avengers that we know today. This Marvel Superheroes Secret War included many tie-in issues of ten other already existing series. With the Beyonder bringing in heroes and villains of the multi-verse onto the “Battleworld” was something every kid dreamt off. We saw some of the iconic characters like the X-Men, Hulk, the Lizard, Klaw, Hawk-eye, Thor, Magneto, Ultron, Titania, the Fantastic Four and many more collide in combat. Moreover, this superhero comic book saw a sequel immediately bringing in the elements of its alternate realities into the mainstream.

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills (Marvel)

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The story based on the central character named William Stryker, who tried to start a holy war against the entire mutant race. The book is perfectly aligned with social commentary and superhero actions. In 2003 the book was immortalized when the movie X2: X-Men United recreated many plot points. Some of Stryker’s fanatics gun down two young mutants and hang their corpses in the schoolyard. Comics like God Loves, Man Kills, The Dark Phoenix Saga, and Days of Future Past make for excellent superhero comic book reads for fans.

Daredevil Born Again (Marvel)

Daredevil was on life support in the early 1980s. Artist Frank Miller who was promoted to the position of Daredevil’s primary writer turned the title into one of the decade’s best superhero reads. After the initial stint, Miller came back to the book in 1986 for the story called “Born again” where the kingpin systematically destroys Matt Murdock’s life after he finds out that Murdock is the Daredevil. His identity is revealed by his one-time girlfriend, Karen Page. Miller’s story is a tragedy packed with explosions.

The Killing Joke (DC)

In the 80s no writer was more prolific than Alan Moore. His acclaimed work includes the likes of V for Vendetta and Watchman. In Killing Joke, Moore establishes the relationship between Batman and his Joker. The plot starts with Joker escaping from Arkham Asylum and kidnapping commissioner Gordon to lead Batman into a trap at an abandoned amusement park. Further on, Joker commits a series of violent crimes in his bid to outsmart Batman. He shoots Gordon’s daughter Barbara. As the story unfolds, Moore sprinkles bits of Joker’s origin throughout.

Preacher (DC/Vertigo)

Vertigo has been responsible for some of the most creatively daring comics to hit the mainstream. But very few came close like Garth Ennis’ Preacher. The protagonist Jesse Curter from Annville, Texas. A creature named Genesis possesses Curter who kills everyone in his congregation and bestows unnatural powers upon him. This is a brutal comic that mixes sex, violence, and social commentary.

The Dark Night Returns (DC)

Batman will remain a childhood favourite and one of the best superhero comic book reads of all time. Before Frank Millers show, The Dark Night returns 1986 most of the mainstream public associated with Batman in his campy 1960s TV show. Miller strips away all of Batman’s technology and gadgets, leaving the Dark Night a hulking mass of rage. He is less of a jaded hero and more of a tired man with a death wish and a severe rage. Like Miller has done throughout his career in various other titles, he looked at the Caped Crusader through the lens of violence and political corruption.

These are some of the greatest superhero comics of all times.

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