Harley Quinn and the OC Show – Renewal Revealed

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The Harley Quinn show is as much a personality as it is a comic book hero. She is crazy, smart, a real good time girl and no holds bar too, for anyone who doesn’t know her. I’ve always liked her, but I admit I had always dismissed her as just another superhero, something that hardly anyone knew about. I wasn’t sure I’d like her as an actual character until recently.

Harley Quinn Show Facts


The first season of the animated series had me laughing out loud several times until I realized just why I had never taken a chance on this funny girl, before. Harley Quinn is comical, which is perfect since the entire “crazy clown” aspect fits in with the character. It is a refreshing change of pace away from the often dark, serious, and brooding Batman that we have come to expect. The first episode has Harley flying across the city in an airplane and getting into an impromptu battle with batman, followed by a series of other wild escapades. It makes you feel like the superhero is a regular girl, and that’s what I love about her.

With the first season of the Harley Quinn show behind her, I was curious as to where we would go from here. I had read that there were plans for a second season, but it didn’t seem likely at the time. I figured there would be a new start, but that didn’t happen. There has been no official word on a second season, but there have been talks of a streaming service, and possibly even a DVD release of the first season.

I’m all for a Harley and John relationship again, or at least a very early reunion, but it seems the two characters will never be seen together again. In fact, after the events of the third season, you almost can’t see them anymore. Harley is out of her way, living her life, while John stays around the city, doing whatever he wants. It was a fast-paced roller coaster ride to watch Harley and John run through the streets of Gotham, chasing down every bad guy they could find. It was thrilling to follow their exploits, but there was a lack of chemistry between the two characters that made it more difficult to follow the plot.

I suppose that was the main problem – there just wasn’t enough chemistry between the two. It was obvious from the beginning that the writers weren’t going to make a third season of the Harley Quinn show happen. They wrote Harley as a character that was completely changed, and it was obvious that the writers weren’t able to make her feel like herself. It wasn’t her fault – she couldn’t break free of her crush on commissioner Gordon, and the writers couldn’t make it happen.

The second season of the Harley Quinn show finally featured the love relationship between Harley and Commissioner Gordon. It was obvious from the get-go that they were meant to be together and that their relationship was going to be more than just romantic. The chemistry between Gordon and Harley was even better than what had been shown in the first two seasons. It was refreshing to see two characters who barely knew each other, get along, and then develop a romantic relationship. The show was able to move away from the dark humor of the first two seasons, and turn into something new and exciting.

The third season of the Harley Quinn show felt like the characters were moving into new roles. The dynamic between Harley and the other characters was starting to change, and it felt like the show was moving forward. Harley was finally having to deal with the pressure of being a complete hero, and it was obvious that the pressure was starting to show on her face. The dynamics between the different characters on the show started to change as well. It was obvious that the show was trying to give the audience a feel for the characters, and the audience started to see what happened between the characters, and how each one reacted to the situations.

Harley Quinn Show Season Finale

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The final season of the Harley Quinn show saw the characters grow and change once again. The dynamics between the characters were once again developing, and it was obvious that the third season would be an exciting one. It was a very emotional season, and the actors all did an amazing job. Harley and Gordon came into their own in the final episodes, and fans of the show were ready for renewal. I’m sure that everyone is already looking forward to the fourth season.

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