Here Are Some Amazing Facts About Our Favorite Stargirl Dc Comics - Here Are Some Amazing Facts About Our Favorite Stargirl Dc Comics -

Here Are Some Amazing Facts About Our Favorite Stargirl Dc Comics

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Are you prepared to see the next live-action star from DC? Geoff Johns created Courtney Whitmore in 1999 as a tribute to his late sister, and she has since gone on to become one of the most endearing characters in the DC Universe. To meet her is to fall in love with her. So, let’s get to grasp her a little better!

Her Show Features An All

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Courtney’s stepfather Pat Dugan will be played by Luke Wilson, who will also pilot STRIPE Barbara. Amy Smart will play Courtney’s grandma. Hourman will be played by Lou Ferrigno Jr, the son of the iconic Hulk star. Doctor Mid-Nite will be played by Henry Thomas, who is best known for his role as Elliot in ET. If you are a fan of the Justice League, you’ll recognize a lot of the characters.

She Wasn’t Often Referred to as Stargirl.

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You recall what it was like to be a teenager. Often you have to experiment with various personas to see what works best. Courtney Whitmore wanted to name herself the Star-Spangled Child when she first dressed up in Stars and STRIPE #1. Courtney had originally donned the costume to torment her stepfather (who was once the superhero Stripesy). Still, when criminals disrupted her school dance, she jumped into action, and a new hero was born.

By the fourth issue of JSA: All-Stars in 2003, Courtney had outgrown her old codename and wanted to honor the heroes that had inspired her by adopting the name Stargirl! Some teens change their profile pictures or usernames every week, but Courtney recognizes a good name.

She’s Been a Part of Some of the most dynamic Powerhouse Teams

Courtney Whitmore can be portrayed in a variety of ways, but one of them isn’t shy. She’s a social butterfly who makes friends everywhere she goes, even with superheroes. Initially, she tackled crime alongside her stepfather Pat Dugan, who wore the STRIPE battlesuit. While having your stepfather accompany you on patrol may be awkward, it helped the two bond.

She Has An Excellent Dental Plan.

Being a superhero is difficult enough, but Courtney is still a teenager with its own set of issues. Many of the trials and tribulations of puberty are dealt with by Courtney, like braces. How many superheroes do you know who have braces on their teeth? When Courtney got hers in Stars and STRIPE #2, she was mortified and tried to conceal her new smile from her Blue Valley High classmates. It’s so humiliating that it makes you want to die!

She’s Been In Other dc Universe Series

If you’re a DC Universe subscriber, you can find Courtney Whitmore in another location. Young Justice: Outsiders, where she is played by DC Daily host Whitney Moore plays her character during the season. Courtney is a little older in the Young Justice version, and she hosts her entertainment program, aptly named “Stargirl.” And though she isn’t a superheroine yet, who knows what the future holds for her.


More Stargirl news and features can be found at and Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more Courtney, check out the latest Stargirl by Geoff Johns line, which hits stores tomorrow. It includes some of her most unforgettable adventures, as told by the person who made her (and is overseeing her TV series). After you’ve finished reading that, you’ll know Courtney so well that you’ll be best friends!

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