How The New Earth Lantern Corps Is Born -

How The New Earth Lantern Corps Is Born

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CAPTAIN MICHAEL CROSS is a fictional comic book hero who appears in comics produced by DC comics. He is the second most prominent comic book super hero. His comic book identity is that of Captain James TUCK, a Canadian commando who was presumed dead following an explosion while attempting to rescue some civilians from a bomb planted on the roof of an unidentified building. However, he was presumed alive following the destruction of the mysterious warehouse where he was working and brought back as a typhoid. The real identity of the original Captain Marvel was revealed in an issue of the comics called the Return of Captain Marvel.

An Overview

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The character of Captain Marvel first appeared in the comic book marvelous eight (volumes one through four) in April, 1941. His comic book identity was given by the fictional scientist Dr. Marston, a Canadian citizen who created a serum capable of giving virtually any human the ability to increase their strength and endurance levels. The serum was made so that only a few people would have the potential to use it such as superheroes who were in training or the military.

The comic books tell how after discovering the formula used for this serum, a terrorist group known as the Axis found out how to duplicate the formula. They attempted to do this by way of blackmailing the scientist. However, the formula was stolen by the terrorist group. Captain Marvel subsequently took on the name of the new Captain Marvel and starred in his own comic book series. Following this, several additional comics were launched featuring him.

Earth Lantern Corps Facts

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One of the most well-known of these comic series is the comic titled the New Universe. It began in the late seventies and continued for eleven issues before it was canceled. In the comic, the original Captain Marvel was revealing to be resurrected from the dead following an incident in which an experimental chemical killed off all those characters who had been in the comic book, including Captain Marvel. He then decided that he would like to take up the shield again in order to help save humanity again.

Although this storyline lasted for quite some time, it did not lead to any more stories being told about the original Captain Marvel. In fact, several other writers were brought in to take over the comic’s character and storylines, and to make sure that the new Captain Marvel’s story was told. This led to a new era of comic book story written by various different writers.

In the new continuity of the DC comics, there are now superheroes called the New Earth Lanterns. These Lanterns were formed when Earth was first created due to the destruction of the previous universe. There were billions of beings that were instantly killed in the process, and so, the survivors began to build a new planet called New Earth. The purpose of this was to make sure that there would be another universe available if this one was destroyed, and to also prevent other species from being killed off in the process. Thus, the Lanterns were formed.

Unlike the original, however, the New Earth Lanterns is not humans who have been transformed into these powerful, flying members of the team. They are actually alien beings who were landed on Earth by the Green Lantern. They have been fighting against the evil Sinestro and his Metallos until Superman showed up to help. Superman is known as the only person who can give the Corps of Extra-Terrestrial Justice the strength they need to defeat Sinestro. Since then, they have been assisting each other in their battles against villains.

Bottom Line

There have been a lot of changes to the characters and the way they are written in the DC Universe. This is great, because it means that readers are always going to be excited about seeing their favorite characters in action. There are many other changes, such as the female superhero becoming The Queen. This has been done because the fans of the comic wanted to see the queen costume that had been worn by Batwoman and The Huntress before her time in the New Earth continuity. It is a wonderful change, and this is why people love the New Earth Lantern Corps.

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