Jigsaw Marvel Comics First Appearance- Know How It All Began

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When we look at the Marvel and DC characters, we feel like they are the characters from the future generation. But it was not like that when they first made their appearance in The comics. The Jigsaw Marvel Comics’ first appearance was quite amateur, and it was known as the only villain of those Times. William Billy Russo was also known as drugs and is a disfigured William figure appearing in the American comic books. It first made its appearance in Marvel in 1976, the month of November, and was in the opposite of The amazing spider man. So how did the fictional character become so accurate that it came out in The Punisher War Journal and that too with a lot of detail? 

The Creation

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This character Jigsaw, was created by the artist Rose Andru and was based on the description of the writer Len Wein. Lots of details, and it was published first in November 1976. It started making its appearance time and again in volume 2 and followed a cameo appearance in the limited series known as The Punisher. It became a very popular figure in the official handbook of the Marvel universe, and it was one of the most wanted characters in the New Avengers. Now it’s time for you to understand the character biography, and even though it is fictional, it will look like a real character. This character looks like the end of Punisher and Spiderman and is quite a friend of Daredevil. 


There is always a reason why people turn out to be villains. Marvel has shown it time and again. Billy Russo was born to an Italian-American family, and he was left out as an orphan by his abusive, toxic father. Later on, he went on to become the Hitman of New York’s criminals in the world, but he had another nickname known as Billy the Beaut. He, later on,  married a woman named Suzan. He was also abusive like his father, which is why he would beat her and their son Henry. After the execution of the gangland, Rousseau goes to Frank Costa so that he can cover up the deaths. He tells all the targets except for Frank’s castle as he survives a bomb explosion. Frank Castle turns out to be the vigilante named as a punisher who wants to track down Russo. Russo Therefore adopts The Identity of Jigsaw And wants to frame punishable for the murders. There is quite a lot of back story, and it has made the character even more clear. Finally, the punisher is arrested and sentenced to death, and Russo decides to copy his costume and goes out on a homicidal mission. All the operations brought forward by this villain are very cruel, which is why it makes him one of the most prominent characters of Marvel.


Now that you know all about the Jigsaw Marvel Comics first appearance, you should do a bit more reading to know about the other stories associated with him. Then only will you know what kind of strong character he was and is to date.

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