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star wars legends

Formerly known as the Expanded Universe, Star Wars Legends wraps up every background and licensed story there is of the Star Wars Universe outside of the six films and certain other materials like Star Wars: Clone Wars created by George Lucas. Most of the official Star Wars comic books, toys, video games, spin-off films, television series, and books are included in it. This material continues the stories told in films and takes place from 36000 years, even after the Return of the Jedi. Star Wars Legends and Star Wars Canon are quite different, so to speak. They are both separate continuities of the Star Wars Universe; they are neither connected nor are they multiverses; they are completely separate. Disney does not own Legends, although it is published under Disney, Disney does not have any control over its creative processes, and they are handled solely by Lucasfilm Ltd.

The Uniqueness Of Star Wars Legends

Star Wars

It was created when Lucasfilm decided that nothing would be canon in the Expanded Universe and a new Expanded Universe would be created, which would revolve around the original two trilogies- Clone Wars Animated Series and Disney’s Star Wars movies. From 2015 onwards, all the comics published were part of the Expanded Universe. Legends not being canonical anymore does not mean that new readers cannot get involved or invested in the Legends community. The entirety of Star Wars Extended Universe is incorporated in Legends, and it has worked on several levels of precedence in the following order:

● ‘G’ Canon – It includes the works directly created by George Lucas himself: The Clone Wars, the six films, Ewok Adventures, and the Clone Wars 2003.

● ‘C’ Cannon – It includes games, books, comics.

● Non-Canon- It is the stuff that wasn’t considered canon within the EU.

Lucasfilm Story Group decided in 2014 that they would reclassify the combined ‘G’ and ‘C’ canons into a new identity called Star Wars Legends because the story had become too complicated to manage, and there were many contradictions and retcons which made the whole thing a mess. This cleared the way for retelling the Star Wars Universe with a new cohesive Canon.

Advantages Of Star Wars Legends – 

Star Wars

● Legends feel a lot larger while the Expanded Universe feels a lot smaller as the new Universe rarely deviates from the trilogy, but the Legends explore the deep, distant past and future of the characters.

● You can invest yourself more in an increased number of original characters.

● The Legends has a lot more variety as compared to the comics provide by Marvel, which provides a variety of Star Wars comics.

● This contains a lot of ideas and concepts which cannot be found anywhere else.


Being a part of iconic and legendary Star Wars, Star Wars Legends certainly lives up to its name and delivers to you the same excitement thrill you would expect from the original series.

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