Know The Evolution Of Dc Comics Logo Since 1930

dc comics logo

A company’s identity is reflected in its logo. It can be the same all the time or undergo many changes as per the company’s expectations. Dc comics’ logo has undergone a lot of changes since it was the origin in 1930. And not just the logo, the company has also evolved during the time. Earlier, it was a tabloid comic publisher, but now it is a leading comic book publisher.

It has released comics with famous characters like Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, and more. No matter whether the comics changed or the logo, the company has never stopped entertaining the audience.

Just like these characters, the dc comics logo is also very interesting. Here is the history of the evolution of its logo.

Learn How The Dc Comics Logo Evolved

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First Logo

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The first logo of the company was simple with two circles. Inside it, DC was written, which means detective comics. It was first placed on the Batman comics.


The company first changed the logo in 1949 and also changed its name from Detective comics to National comics. However, this time the logo has both the names on it with a red color and Superman at the top. It has the same DC written inside the circle with bold circular contours. Unlike the first logo, this one has a shadowed black DC in the middle.


A redesign of the logo in 1972 was a fancy dc comics logo with an image of Superman in the middle of a black circle at the top of a yellow block. The block has solid DC written with the character Superman in black.

Another modern yet minimalist logo was introduced in 1972 with a bold geometrical DC in the middle in red color. The outline was in black color, and the logo reflects energy, playfulness, and passion.


1975 was the year when DC comics changed its logo again that looks like a badge. The DC monogram was placed in the middle and had a blue color. Along with DC, the logo has “The Line Of Superstars” with two red stars at left and right.


A fresh version of the dc comics logo was again introduced in 2005 by Josh and Richard. The new logo has DC surrounded by an oval structure with a star at one end. It was in blue color and had a crispy palette. The logo reflected the progress and motion of the company.


Landor Associates created a new brand logo for the Dc comics in 2012 that gave it a stylish look. The letter C and D overlapped where C was in black color and D was in blue color and had a flipped magazine page design. The name Dc comics was set beneath the logo.

2016- Till Present

The final and present logo was designed in 2016 with a simple blue color circle with sharp C and D letters. Blue and white color opted for the logo that looks fresh and crisp.

Maybe the logo will get a new makeover in the near future with a more elegant, crisp, and meaningful design.

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