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These reviews would serve Star Wars Comic lovers a bit of the unusual, as not many subjects on LEGO Star Wars Comics exposes you to what others think about the bulk of collections. LEGO Star Wars is a captivating collection that captures the Star Wars Saga and franchise. It has been developed into films, video games, comic books, all in various series. The LEGO Star Wars is also one of them. These comic books are sold in major online stores across the states and have a wide range of readers who make purchase now and then either for themselves or for their wards. Unfortunately, not many get to read through the online reviews before buying and they end up buying a collection that their wards do not like. We’ve therefore gotten a few reviews of three of the most amazing LEGO Star Wars Comic series, and they are definitely going to be of help.

LEGO Star Wars Epic Adventures SC (2016 Scholastic)

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“This is a fun book & the attached figure costs two times as much the book and figure together. This is a great ideal for anyone who loves Star Wars be they big or small. 

“My grandson got this for his birthday and was very pleased with the book”

“Very cute little activity book! I must say that I thought there would be more activities and maybe some coloring, but most of it seems to be a comic/story with a few activities thrown in. still a good purchase! My kiddo loves the included lego figure.

LEGO Star Wars Choose Your Path HC (2018 DK)

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 Top reviews from amazon bookstore

“Great choose your own path book! My son is 6 going on 7 and loves this book. He loves how you can choose your own path. And this one was really good for his age because some of the ones I ordered were chapter books with hardly any pictures and he isn’t to that reading level and he found them boring…”

“My 8 year old was immediately interested and started reading right away. He is enjoying this book so much and the minifigure is neat looking. I definitely recommend even just for the books for kids”.

“This is a winner! My 8 year old who regularly states “I hate reading” will pick up his own book thank you for writing such a captivating book.

LEGO Star Wars These Aren’t the Driods you’re Looking for: A search and find book

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“Some of the characters they want me to find I just don’t know as well because they’re in the show or maybe episodes 1, 2 or 3 that I don’t know as well as the originals. So, I have googled what they like so I can find them. But in all, I love this.’

“Cute little book that feels a lot like where’s Waldo, except for the fact that you’re not searching for Waldo and it is set in the Star Wars universe. Here you’re trying to find the clever IG-88, who we know is out to cause trouble. You would think it would be easy for an adult to do…


Here are just a few of the many reviews that you can find. You should look out for more on some of the most amazing sets of the LEGO Star Wars comics available before you make your purchase. You’ll find some of these reviews on,, and many others…

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