New Star Wars Comics Is Coming Soon -

New Star Wars Comics Is Coming Soon

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The exciting upcoming Star Wars comics series will begin in the spring. Disney and Lucasfilm are creating a new comic book series to replace the long discontinued comic series called Star Wars: Vader and the Dark Knight. In this new comic, the bad guy is Darth Vader, the Leader of the Galactic Republic, and he’s as evil as he’s nasty. He’s been compared to Heath Ledger’s Joker in some unfavorable comparisons, so fans probably expect much more from this series than the last.

This new Darth Vader comic comes from Darth Vader creator Todd Hasgur, who is the author of the Star Wars: The Ultimate Collection comic books. In this latest Darth Vader story, he’s more or less completely absent from the story. This means there’s plenty of room for new characters to shine through. Hasgur gave us a few suggestions as to what some of these characters might be. Some of them are likely already familiar to Star Wars readers. Others, such as Agent Tala, have never been mentioned before in any continuity.

One of the biggest shocks when it came to the creation of Darth Vader was how Hasgur totally pulled off the “Darth Vader – Rise of the Emperor” storyline. Now that the character has been around for so long, Hasgur managed to take an existing story arc and turn it into an exciting new comic book event. This is only one example of how Hasgur has worked with his comics artists to give fans an original story that’s different from anything else released so far.

Another upcoming Star Wars story that Hasgur is handling for the upcoming series is Star Wars: Darth Vader – Dark Lord. The story will feature Darth Vader himself, who we know from the earlier Star Wars films. There are other big changes, too. The new Darth Vader will be done entirely in black and gray, as opposed to the traditional blue and white. The design of Vader’s ship, called the Executor, has also changed, taking Vader’s mask and replacing it with a completely new mask that Hasgur is calling the Death mask.

Finally, the Death Star, the iconic structure that forms the centerpiece of the Star Wars series is getting a significant overhaul as well. No longer will we see an Imperial warship flying through space on the cover of Star Wars #1. The Death Star, which is basically the main structure in the Death Star series, will be portrayed as a huge, star-like structure that will literally rock the ground.

Another big change is the way stories are told. For the past five or six years, the traditional Star Wars format has consisted of four one-panel miniseries that tell a basic plotline with minor twists throughout. Now, the story will be told in a single panel, making it more dramatic and engaging for readers.

These new eras of Star Wars comics have a lot of promise. Many of the traditional characters are still around, and fans will no doubt continue to grow addicted to their beloved characters. In addition, the focus on building up the new movies in theaters means there will be plenty of tie-ins to this exciting new era as well. Whether you’re fond of original movies or have only seen the prequels and sequels, there’s sure to be a story you love within the Star Wars universe.

If you haven’t been reading up about Star Wars in recent years, now is the time to do so. While the original movies are set to come out soon, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to jump into the new stories that have only been told before. There’s plenty to explore in the world of Star Wars, and the comics will only expand what we know. Find out what happens after the destruction of the first Star Wars movie, and look for exciting new stories in stores next year!

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