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poison ivy dc comics

Poison Ivy is a fictional character appearing mainly in comic books published mainly by DC Comics, often in Batman stories. She is the green-eyed monster known as “The Poison Ivy”, a spiteful and evil character. Robert Kanigher created Poison Ivy and created her first appearance in Batman comics. Her first appearance gave her a new look altogether and she was given her own title. She was later featured in a number of additional Batman comics and in a number of different kinds of villains. She has been one of the most popular characters in the history of comic books and has been the main reason for many of the characters appearing in various different forms of comics including the Dark Knight Rises.

Poison Ivy Has A Strange History


As she was only ever mentioned in a single issue of the legendary Batman comic book. She had apparently been a patient of Dr. Curtius for quite some time and he diagnosed her with cancer. As a result, she was put into a death ray facility where she was subjected to radiation, however, she managed to escape and was reintroduced to society. At this point, she decided that it was her destiny to take revenge on those who had humiliated her in the past and so she enrolled in the poison ivy course under the tutelage of Dr. Isaac Lanzarote.

Poison Ivy Character Is Unique

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The Poison Ivy character is one of the more twisted versions of the poison ivy plant. This particular type of plant is typically poisonous but does not actually have any toxic substance in its leaves or stem. The leaves of this particular plant are actually a purplish color. They can be found growing wild across some parts of the United States. The name “poison Ivy” was based on the real life story of an American female whose father used it as a treatment for her son’s severe asthma. As a result, the name was adopted for the comic book character.

In the numerous DC comics based on the world of the Batman franchise, Poison Ivy has been featured as one of the villains. She first made her comic book debut in the very first issue of the Batman comics, which was written by Bill Finger. She was a secret member of the Rogues, a criminal group led by the nefarious Doctor Death row.

Poison Ivy’s Crime Fighting Skills

Poison Ivy’s crime fighting skills are supported by her ability to put plants to sleep. Her ability to do this is only limited to her imagination and she is also capable of draining the life from people when she is in control of her mind. In order to defeat the evil Doctor Fate, who castrates his victims, she used a potion that killed him. As a result of this act, she gained the admiration and loyalty of the other Rogues, but in the end, she still felt she should have been treated with respect and was ready to leave the team if that weren’t the circumstances she found herself in.

In most versions of the DC comic book world, Poison Ivy has superhuman powers including the ability to cause hallucinations and make people go insane. She is also skilled in martial arts and can throw items such as clubs and rocks. The fact that she is also a master of illusion also adds to her abilities as a superhero. She is one of the more dangerous villains to face in the Batman comics because she has the ability to put others into a deep trance and can also shoot poison gas from her mouth.

Several Versions Of Poison Ivy

There are several versions of Poison Ivy that have appeared throughout the years. In some stories she is portrayed as a teenage girl who is loved and cared for by the hero, Batman. In other versions her exact history is not revealed. She may be the daughter of an affluent family, or she may be from another world where magic is real and can affect time, space and reality itself.


In some versions of the characters history, Poison Ivy was an ally of the Green Arrow and the Flash, but in other versions she was an enemy to both of the heroes. Her powers are based on those of the plants she often uses as a weapon, but there is no explanation as to how she acquired her skills. Her weapons of choice tend to be the plants she uses to disguise herself and make others go into a deep sleep. It is possible that poison ivy causes Vertigo, which is motion sickness that makes people feel as if they are floating. It is unknown if she learned this skill from her mother or if she had learned it from her adventures with Batman.

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