Star Wars Comic Marvel – Top List

Star Wars Comic Marvel – Top List

The readers can indulge in Star Wars Comic Marvel. These comics could present you with excellent variations. Everyone is not into movies. You would be able to indulge into the reading skill with these comics. These graphic books are available everywhere. Therefore, you would not have to struggle a lot to find one. This article gives you a view of the books. People who have not read such a graphic book will love it. Superhero comic books are famous around the world.

Star Wars Comic Marvel – Darth Vader

Charles Soul created this series. It follows the main character Darth. Here Darth rises to fame and power. Star Wars fan would love this story. You would love it even if you are not a fan of the movies. Give this series a try for fun and excitement. You will follow the main character leading his team against the Jedi.

Star Wars Comic Marvel – Top List
Star Wars Comic Marvel – Top List

Star Wars Comic Marvel – Poe Dameron

This is another famous series. Charles Soul has created this one as well. It shows the stories of resistance pilots. The book is so good because of the depth of the characters it shows. Also, you will get to see a lot of side characters here. These did not get a lot of footage in the film.

Star Wars Comic Marvel – Han Solo

Fans love this character. This is a fun series to follow. You would love the twists and turns the series takes. Readers would love to follow the character’s rise to the leadership here. This miniseries is for everyone who loves action pact series.

The Rise Of Kylo Ren

This one is a new addition to the world of the comics series. However, this series is worth spending time with. You would get to meet a lot of fun characters. It is one of the best books. You would get enough excitement to stay hooked in this world. Storytelling is a great aspect of the book. You can follow the story because of the twists and turns. Readers find this book hard to put down. The hero presents complex characteristics. This is an aspect to fall for the story.

Obi Wan And Anakin

The miniseries is great to follow. You will find ample twists and turns to stay hooked. The storytelling skill will keep you in the world of the story for a long time. You would not be able to give up the story midway. It has enough adventures to make the readers excited. You would not be able to put down the book.

Darth Maul

This villain has won the hearts of the viewers on the first appearance. His series books have presented him in better way. The books are better for the readers because Darth had not gotten enough space in the movies. You will love to spend time in this world. It comes with enough action and adventure to keep you excited for a long time.

Star Wars Comic Marvel – Top List
Star Wars Comic Marvel – Top List


You will find a lot of other comics available. Here are the most famous ones. These are good for the beginners. You will find these books exciting to read.  

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