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star wars comics guide

Fans of Star Wars have always loved following the exploits of their favorite space adventure franchise and now that there are new movies in the form of The Phantom Menace, many fans are interested in getting hold of some of the various comic books that have been released so far. There are many different ways to go about purchasing a Star Wars comics guide. Let’s take a look at some of these alternatives.

Hardback Or Softback Versions

Star Wars

One way is to buy a special reference book that comes with a free complimentary copy of the Star Wars comic book. These books can be found at most major book stores and are generally offered in hardback or softback versions. In addition to giving the writer permission to use their likeness in any way that they want, these books generally list where the cameo was used as well as providing background information about the character who may have made the cameo. These books are great for those who don’t want to wait to buy the new books as they will be able to enjoy these fantastic covers as much as the characters themselves.

Star Wars Movie Merchandise

Star Wars

Another option is buying a Star Wars movie merchandise. There are numerous products available that feature Star Wars characters and each of them come with a deluxe collector’s edition featuring the most detailed image of the character, an opening page and an ending page. Some of these items include things such as a Star Wars crystal, a display case and even a comical insert. These can make a wonderful gift for a true fan of the genre or a person who is interested in becoming familiar with the world of Star Wars and all it has to offer.

Another option for acquiring a Star Wars comics guide is to visit one of the many websites dedicated to this topic. Often, these sites are actually databases of different articles and reviews regarding Star Wars. For example, the official Star Wars website contains lots of articles written by experts in the field that discuss the many different ways that Darth Vader played a key role in the development of the Star Wars saga. Some other popular websites include those belonging to the movie itself such as Star Wars Insider and Star Wars Chat.

Darth Vader’s Infamous Diary

An excellent resource for learning more about the Star Wars history is actually Darth Vader’s infamous diary, kept hidden for over 30 years. This diary not only gives us insight into the life and times of Darth Vader, it also gives us insight into the different characters that were a part of his life. One particular article discussed how the character of Darth Vader developed a crush on the young female slave Leia Organa. The article also gave us detailed descriptions of the various events that took place between the times of the Death Star and the destruction of the massive star ship at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Last Words

As well as a plethora of characters, there are also a number of important background details included within the comic book series. For example, one of the most interesting things we have seen in the films is the presence of the Old Republic’s Knight Errant. An ex-Rebel, who was presumed dead after the Death Star became operational, he has been reintroduced by George Lucus to play the role of Vader’s right hand man, Jabba the Hutt. The introduction of this character has certainly created quite a stir amongst fans of the Star Wars films.

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