Star Wars Comics Order- Your Ultimate Guide -

Star Wars Comics Order- Your Ultimate Guide

star wars comics order

After all, who doesn’t like Star Wars? It might sound obvious, but the entire dimension of Star Wars is incredibly huge. It has been able to create magnanimous sales in the box office and the merchandise section. Right now, you can find almost everything with an imprint of Star Wars- novels, video games, RPGs, and what not? But the most fantastic merchandise that we can lay our hands on it, of course, Star Wars Comics. Marvel Comics have been able to bring out the true essence of Star Wars, and you can check out various eras of the same.

Brief Overview- Star Wars Comics Order

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Marvel has made numerous efforts to bring forward the best artists and writers into these books, and therefore it can promise you good quality reading. Now you can have some of the best selling comics from the publisher. If you have been unfortunate enough not being able to lay your hands on them, then it is time to do it NOW! Here is the ultimate guide to the Star Wars Comics from Marvel so that you do not have to look back. You can choose from numerous titles and segments so that it becomes easy for you to choose.

Where To Buy The Comics?

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Now that you want one, you would want to get your hands on the comics. You can place Star Wars Comics Order online, but you cannot get those that belonged to the 1970s and 80s. It is not possible to get the ones published from Dark Horse Comics or even the Korean webcomic. You can also try ordering on other platforms like comic book stores, eBay, Comixology, and Marvel Digital Comics store.

Is There A Reading Order?

There is no thumb rule or order to buy and read the Star Wars books because you can read them randomly. The comics are set in a specific era, and you can get a self-contained mini-series. If you are familiar with the movies, you can find the comics’ relevance- so what are you waiting for?

High Republic Era-Star Wars Comics Order

This is a new era of the Star Wars, which was set in 200 years and that too, before the period of Phantom Menace. This is a mini-series which comprises six parts and is supposed to sell really well. Along with this series, you can also try Before The Phantom Menace.

The Recent Series

If you check out the recent series, it will be an exciting narrative for all of you. It was published in the year 2015, and you can quickly get the overview online. Now you might be wondering why Star Wars Comics have been able to get magnanimous popularity and response. You can easily feed the craving for graphic novels with Star Wars, and you can even start with the Skywalker Strikes. So go online and check the latest deals on Star Wars comics now! Now star Wars Comics order is no longer a hassle, and you would have a fun time reading them.

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