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Star Wars Princess Leia – The Love Story

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If you have ever been thrilled by a Star Wars story or more than enjoyed reading about one, then Princess Leia is definitely an option for a comic book hero. She has become a popular part of Star Wars folklore and there have been several comic books based on her life and her relationships with other characters such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. She has not only saved the galaxy from the Galactic Republic, but she has also managed to get a man to love her. She is currently the second most popular of the major characters in all of Star Wars’ history.

An Overview

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When Princess Leia was taken captive by the dreaded Galactic Empire, she did not betray her principles, even when the full destruction of her home planet Alderoth was realized. She remained true to herself and true to her friend Luke Skywalker. This led to a very intriguing relationship that blossomed throughout the course of the Third Sector Civil War. In order to learn what happened to her lover Luke Skywalker while she was away, Leia would need to travel across the galaxy and meet with some of the most important people in her past.

Following the destruction of the First Order’s stronghold on Yavin 4 by the Rebel Alliance, Leia took the opportunity to recruit Luke Skywalker into the Rebel cause. Following her example, she arranged a marriage between herself and Luke, who was just twenty-one at the time. This act would prove to be quite important in terms of building a friendship that would last through the remainder of the war. The two became very close friends and later served together in the defense of the Galactic Republic against the Galactic Empire. In the end, Luke became the first Rebel leader in the history of the Star Wars franchise.

Story Of Princess Leia Of Star Wars

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Although it was unlikely, Princess Leia and Luke did actually consummate their relationship and become lovers. However, Princess Leia was forced to choose between her romantic relationship with Luke and her duties to the Alliance. Ultimately, she decided to sacrifice herself so that she could continue to fight against the Galactic Empire. Following her death, Luke was deeply saddened by her loss and blamed himself for the demise of the Alliance.

During the age of Emperor Palpatine, Leia had a strong relationship with another female friend, Mon Motha. When news of the Emperor’s secret identity leaked to the media, Leia felt greatly betrayed that Mon Motha was involved in this scheme. This led to an intense conflict between her and Mon Motha over the matter. Ultimately, Leia was forced to leave Imperial politics due to her intense distaste for the Emperor and the ways in which he had manipulated her and others like her.

Following the destruction of the second Death Star at the end of the first Star Wars film, Leia’s star fleet was dissolved. Although she was not among those killed in the explosion, her ship, the Tantive IV, was severely damaged during the battle. In the end, she escaped from Endor, making it possible for her to save more of her friends and loved ones from the Executor’s cruiser that attempted to kill her and the other survivors. In order to complete her task, Leia allowed herself to be placed within the mind of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader. Following this, Vader put a plan into motion that would allow the Emperor to have full control of the Galactic Republic as well as the entire Jedi Order once more.

In order to escape from Vader, Leia arranged for Luke to go on a daring rescue mission where she hoped to be rescued alongside her friend and fellow survivors. On the Tantive IV, however, Luke and his friends were attacked by Vader and nearly all of them were killed. As a result, Luke realized that Vader was the dark side of the Force and that she was the dark force of magic that had been influencing his friends.

Bottom Line

Following the conclusion of Return of the Jedi, Princess Leia formed a close relationship with Luke again, only to learn that he had become a much colder and ruthless person, devoid of any feelings for her. Despite this revelation, Leia still remained fond of Luke and their relationship grew stronger over time. The two even formed a strong friendship and eventually the two became an inseparable couple.

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