Superman: The Best Features Of The Comic Character

Comic book fans who have not read Superman comic books in the past are not that familiar with the character and his role in the story. While some may call him a superhero, many are likely to consider him a funny character or even an evil character. While these images are part of the persona of Superman, he is more of a cultural icon just like other superheroes. Read on to know more about Superman and his adventurous personality.

Birth Of Superman 

As a comic book hero, the character of Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Superman, born as Kal-El on the planet Krypton, was sent on Earth by his parents in a small spaceship. His space landed in the fictional American town, Smallville where he was adopted by a farmer family. His new parents Jonathan and Martha Kent named him Clark Kent who later went on to develop superhuman abilities. Kent soon evolved into a superhero when he began using his superhuman abilities for the benefit of humanity.

Superman: The Best Features Of The Comic Character
Superman: The Best Features Of The Comic Character

Superman Comics & Features Of The Character 

The creation of Superman and his origin story are essential aspects of the superhero genre. To understand this character better, it is important to take a closer look at his origins and the reason why this mythological being became so popular and successful.

Well, the original comic book has the best comic book features ever developed. Superman has so many elements that make him the best fictional character ever created. The strong and reliable attitude combined with his very large heart and his perfect strength made him a perfect embodiment of the comic book genre. His kindness and compassion for other humans make him the most beloved fictional character ever developed.

He uses the green lasso of truth for a variety of purposes. Many believe that the usage of the lasso is similar to the mind-control power possessed by some evil beings. The green lasso of truth is very effective when used by Superman. It can destroy objects, steal memories, erase weaknesses, fool his enemies, and even make him invincible. It can be said that the lasso of truth is part of the superhero’s natural superpower.

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Superman can see the future. Through his astral projection powers, he is able to see into the future and predicts future events. He can, therefore, use his powers for good or for evil.

He has several powers that enable him to use them as he wishes. This includes flight, telekinesis, super strength, super speed, and supervision. Hence, through the use of these powers, he is able to help others and solve problems.

Superman: The Best Features Of The Comic Character
Superman: The Best Features Of The Comic Character

This superhero is a moralist. The reason behind this is because he believes that if you have anything good, you should share it with those in need. Thus, moral philosophy made him the most idealistic of all comic book characters.


The essence of the Kryptonian mythology transferred into the pages of Superman comic books, making them the best comic book features ever made. Therefore, it is the great legacy of the comic book genre and of the icon that has lived through it all.

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