The 4 Best DC Comics Superhero Teams

dc comics superhero teams

The DC comics are one of the best comics and in the business for quite a long time now. The introduction of some of the most famous superhero teams is done by DC. The DC comics superhero teams have changed the perception of people towards the immense power of the hero. The image and perception of superheroes is introduced to the audience by DC with the beginning of an era of the ‘Justice Society Of America’. After that they have gradually better themselves by adding more innovative creations to change the roles and perception of a superhero in people’s minds. This article will help you choose the 4 best DC comics superhero teams of all time. 

DC Comics Superhero Teams – The Suicide Squad

The suicide squad is one of the rarest books that focus mainly and solely on the villains. DC has not constrained the construction of superheroes on the power of positive outlook and actions. The villains too also have a team and they function properly, executing their action appropriately. They too form a strong team and in the suicide squad, the villains were taken into the prison. They were ordered to work for the government and they formed a very successful team to carry out the mission. 

The Justice Society Team Of DC

The Justice Society team has marked the beginning of an era of superheroes and changed it forever. When DC came upfront with the idea of superheroes with the Justice society, other teams started working dedicatedly to reach the position. It is one of the most powerful teams that acts excellently all throughout the book. The character construction of superheroes are done perfectly and in the modern times the heroes from the past and their descendents together work as a team. 

The Crime Syndicate – DC Creation Of Superheroes

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The crime syndicate is an association or collection of villains who pledge to make the villains always win in whatever they do. The characters belong to the Earth-3 wherein superheroes are lived on by their doppelgangers. The superheroes of Justice society have their doppelgangers in the crime syndicate and they commit all the crimes with their face. This act of portraying heroes as villains was another strategy to create the best superhero teams by DC. This was also a topic of discussion in the near past that stated the confusion in the minds of the audience in understanding the reality of the world. 

The All Time Favorite Legions Of Superheroes 

The Legions of superheroes are one of the most famous and effective teams ever constructed by DC. They are the first superhero team that got the privilege to name the title of their book. Like the DC comics, they have also undergone many changes in their continuity and later on they have managed to control their flow now. The legion consists of a stronger member and he or she becomes stronger with the right exercise of power. The high end technology has made it easier for the superheroes to perform effectively. 


These are some of the best DC comics superheroes teams to read and understand their actions about. These characters will change your perception about the superheroes and supervillains by letting you travel into the mind of the creator. 

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