The 5 Wonder Woman Comics That Every Fan Must Read -

The 5 Wonder Woman Comics That Every Fan Must Read

The 5 Wonder Woman Comics That Every Fan Must Read
The 5 Wonder Woman Comics That Every Fan Must Read

Wonder Woman is the most iconic superhero in the DC world. She is known by several names such as Princess Diana of Themyscira, Diana Prince, Daughter of Hippolyta, Demi-Goddess and more. The fictional character created by Charles Moulton first appeared in 1941 that is around the World War II time. Therefore, you will see her fighting Axis Military forces and many other super villains. However, that was her initial days of her Wonder Woman Comic.

The wonder woman comic is so popular that it was later adapted into cinemas. At the same time, she also appeared in a number of TV series. The character’s popularity increased with more screen presence because obviously, people love watching her. However, the true fans of Wonder Woman also know by her comics. If you think you are a true fan of Wonder Woman, then here are the 5 Wonder Woman comics that you must have in your shelves.

All-Star Comics By William Moultan Marston

To know a character well you need to read the first appearance in the comic world. And for Wonder Woman, it was the All Star Comics from 1941. It was the same time when the greatest tragedy of human history, World War II was taking place. However, it was this event that inspired the formation of the amazing superhero character, Wonder woman. 

As the story goes, US army personnel, Steve goes for Nazi spy hunt and crashes his plane on Paradise Island, the ancient home of Amazons! With the clash of the two worlds, the reasons why Amazons preferred to live away in hiding are explained. However, it was the same event that made them decide to go to the US to help the army. They organize an event where Diana enters and wins against her mother’s wishes. She is allowed to go and gets many Amazonian weapons. At the same time, she also gets the name, ‘Wonder Woman’.

Wonder Woman By George Perez, Greg Potter, And Len Wein

In 1987, Wonder Woman’s origin story is nailed down in this epic comic. This is the Wonder Woman comic that gives the base for the many wonder woman stories that we have been enjoying all these years.  It starts with a brief story of Diana’s mother and the Amazon history. Consequently, it focuses on Diana’s birth story. For example, how Diana is made with clay and given several boons. Since, here, the time has lapsed so Diana is seen fighting against many evil offspring of Aries and other creepy villains of Greek Mythology. 

A League Of One By Christopher Moeller

In this Wonder woman comic, the superhero is told of a prophecy of the return of a massive deadly dragon that caused destructions in the world in 1300. The Gods inform that the Justice League will manage to kill the dragon but at the cost of their lives. However, Diana doesn’t want that to happen and decides to fight against the Dragon all alone. In short, this sums up Wonder Woman’s amazing skills and ancient weapons that she uses to help her friends and to fight.

Wonder Woman: Eyes Of The Gorgon By Greg Rucka

It is a big Wonder Woman comic story by Greg Rucka. Here, the Amazon islands are forced to move towards the US. Hence, it creates a number of problems for both Diana and her mother. But, at the same time, Athena, the Greek Goddess plans for a civil war against her father, Zeus. As a result, it causes massive problems even in the mortal world. However, the most epic part of the whole comic is the fight between Medusa and Wonder Woman. To make it more difficult, she is forced to fight her on live TV. She also blinds her eyes so Medusa’s powers don’t affect her. This Wonder Woman comic is the best because it shows the Greek mythology side of Princess Diana.

The 5 Wonder Woman Comics That Every Fan Must Read
The 5 Wonder Woman Comics That Every Fan Must Read

Wonder Woman: The Circle By Gail Simone

Simone came with this Wonder Woman comic at a very weird time. The attack on the Amazons had left them all in shambles. However, the four issues story is all about how everything is brought back to normality. Here, again you will find some focus on Diana’s mother. The story is about how Queen Hippolyta’s guards turn against her during Diana’s birth. All these are shown through flashbacks. However, Wonder woman in the present times tries to improve her image. At the same time, she battles with the secret society of supervillains namely Captain Nazi. The best thing about this Wonder woman comic is that she leads an army of psychic apes to battle a group of Neo-Nazis.

There are several popular Wonder Woman comics which should be read by every Wonder woman fan out there. But if you have these five, then congrats you are a certified wonder woman fan! And if you don’t, then you should hurry and read the missed ones so that you learn something more about your favorite superhero, Wonder woman!

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