The Best of the Rare Star Wars Comic Books -

The Best of the Rare Star Wars Comic Books

Rare Star Wars Comics

Whether you’re new to Star Wars or a long time fan, you can’t go wrong with getting yourself one of the ever-popular rare Star Wars comic books! This series was so popular that it was featured in some of the classic Star Wars movies, as well as in several episodes of the animated TV series, and now the movies are back for more fun!

These comic books were originally published by Marvel Comics and are sure to delight Star Wars fans of all ages. Volume one contains many classic stories from the first Marvel series, such as the riveting classic “Return of the Jedi-7,” “Rogue One-5,” and the wildly popular smash hit of 1977 “Duneball!” This is an excellent starting point for any of your Star Wars fan history books or a way to get started on your own collection.

Rare Star Wars Comics

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Some of the most popular of the rare comic books are the ones written by Gerry Conway. His “The Star Wars Holiday Special” was such a big hit with Star Wars lovers that it was made into a feature film starring George Lucas and Carrie Fisher. This is also a fantastic jumping-off point for fans who have already read “Return of the Jedi”The Empire Strikes Back.” The storyline is so intriguing that it would be worth reading through two or three of these comic books for those who haven’t yet experienced it!

The “Knights of Vader”Imperial Agents” series by Franklyn Berthelsen are also among the more popular of the rare comic books. Both of these series were actually written for television but are well worth reading. Berthelsen writes about the Galactic Empire’s war against the Rebel Alliance and delves into details about Vader’s secret Imperial agenda to rule the galaxy!

One of the most important of the rare comic books is the series written by Chris Weitz! This series follows the adventures of Luke Skywalker and gives fans a very exciting and gripping look at what could happen if Luke Skywalker was given a chance at redemption!

The most popular Star Wars comics are usually the ones that were adapted into other media such as films, cartoons, television shows, and video games. The animated series “Totally Awesome Hulk” (created by Tim Burton) is one of the biggest and best examples of this. The series follows the story of the Hulk, who tries to defend New Mexico from the Galactic Empire and the evil Hulks!

Regular Comics

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Of course, many people prefer the “regular” comics written by Peter David. Peter David’s “A New Hope” series is still considered one of the best books ever written for the saga. This book is a must for any Star Wars fan, as it features the first appearance of Luke Skywalker and the last of the original trilogy.

While most of the books mentioned above are popular, there are several others that don’t quite get the recognition they deserve. “Death Star” by James Luceno is still unknown to most, while “Bounty Hunter” by John Jackson Miller and “Wizards” by Tom Veitch was released in a single volume. Both of these comic books have some of the best writing you’ll find in comics.

There are even rare comic books that I haven’t yet heard of! “The Clone Wars” is an animated television show that follows the lives of the Galactic Republic and the Separatists on a constant battlefield. Fans of this show should definitely pick up a few of the rare Star Wars comic books they can find!

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the latest on what’s going on with the Galactic Republic, you might want to check out the new series called “Rebel Force,” as this is a new series that covers all of the major events in the Clone Wars. The show’s creator, Greg Weisman, has also written several of the Star Wars novels that feature the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic.

Rare comic books can be a great way to pass the time. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars or not, you should definitely check them out!

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