The Positive Effects Of Star Wars Cartoons On Children

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With the internet expanding into the world in ways never thought possible, it has allowed fans to expand their knowledge of the original works as well as those of other works by this very talented creator. Fans of this genre have created a Star Wars wiki to document all facets of this wonderful genre.

In this article we will be looking at the first year of the Empire. This is the period that saw the destruction of the second Death Star and the rise of the New Republic. This was also the year that the original Star Wars movie was released. In this article we will be looking at the rise of hope and despair as the Empire and its nemesis, the Jedi, battle it out on a space station. This can prove to be an exciting period as there are many different genres that can be used to tell this story. There is also plenty of character development occurring.

Different Ways To Control His Soldiers

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Episodes begin with an original Star Wars cartoon show that takes place on the Death Star and the outer rim. An interesting thing about this cartoon is that it tries to appeal to both the old fans of Star Wars and the new audiences that have joined the franchise over the past ten years. The main theme in this cartoon show is that there are many different sides to the Empire and that the Emperor is the bad guy. He has many different ways to control his soldiers as well as to deal with those loyal to him. Many of these conflicts are shown from the point of view of young Luke Skywalker, who is just beginning to become a stormtrooper.

As the story goes Luke, still quite young, leads his friend and fellow stormtrooper, Chewy, on a mission to rescue his friend and family from the clutches of the Emperor and his Imperial soldiers. Throughout the cartoon many things are shown from the point of view of the different characters including explosions, spaceships, and more. Some of the main characters are shown in full uniform including Chewy’s dog. It makes for an interesting plot line that can appeal to both children and adults.

Princess Leia

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After doing several episodes the Star Wars Empire becomes a huge hit and is introduced on television. A spinoff series is then created for the main character, Princess Leia. This new version shows her as a much younger woman with no ties to the Empire. She is a leader of the rebellion and her relationships with Luke and Darth Vader are what make for some of the most exciting episodes that are shown in the movies.

While many parents have seen these specials and loved them, there are many others who are wondering how effective such a cartoon is for their child’s development. Well, firstly, such a cartoon has very realistic combat techniques that could appeal to many of the younger viewers.

Learn A Lot From

At the same time, the action that take place between Luke and Vader and Chewy and Obi Wan and the bad guys are something that a child will enjoy and learn a lot from. Plus, Princess Leia’s voice is very reassuring and child friendly making it easier for any parent to have someone they trust to talk to about such matters. In addition, this animated series has had very positive reviews from children and parents.

Many Star Wars cartoons that have been produced in the past have focused on some of the most beloved characters. However, they have always been of low quality. The new ones that are being produced are of the highest quality and actually rival the big movies that you would see. The action is spectacular, the fighting is thrilling, and many other aspects are excellent. In fact, some parents are purchasing these cartoons so they can watch them with their children.


There are many benefits to having your child watch these wonderful cartoons. It is a great way to teach them about the history of the space race, as well as the good and bad characters that were made popular through this show. Plus, these shows have great showmanship that many children enjoy. They are often funny, thrilling, and full of adventure. They can be a great activity for your child’s viewing enjoyment.

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