Three Latest DC Comics Superheroes Dolls - Three Latest DC Comics Superheroes Dolls -

Three Latest DC Comics Superheroes Dolls

dc comics superhero dolls

DC Comics have been the favorite of kids since the 90s. Ever since the comics were made into movies, people have become die-hard fans of the series. Not only kids but also adults are huge adults. In western countries, parents enjoy watching their movies with the kids. With the advent of movies, people have become even crazier about the DC Comics Superheroes Dolls. These DC Comics Superheroes Dolls are available everywhere. From online markets to offline, they are available everywhere. Not only the branded stores but also the local stores have DC Comics Superheroes Dolls. Every kind of quality is available in the markets. If you are planning on gifting your tiny tot with something that they would love, then DC Comics Superheroes Dolls are the best choice. They will not only play with them but also begin to read their comics. If you are worried about the range, then you need to sit back and relax because these dolls are available in all shapes, sizes, and prices.

Let’s look at the features of the DC Comics Superheroes Dolls

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Harley Quinn

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This is a basic action doll. Its length is 12 inches and the color of its eyes is blue. Apart from that, the hair is highlighted in red and blue color, with two pigtails and peach-colored skin. She wears a mask of black color, a shirt of white color, with diamonds on red and black color on it. With rolled-up sleeves, she is wearing denim jeans, rolled up to her knees. Apart from that, she is wearing red and black colored leggings and blue trainers. She is holding a huge hammer.


This is also one of the action dolls of DC Comics Superheroes Dolls. The length of the Katana is 12inches tall. Her hair is black with red highlights on it and white-pale skin. She wears a mask of her face with a Japanese dot on it. Along with that, she wears a silver bustier, a red skirt that is armored, and armbands of gristle color. On her hands, she wears green-colored gloves and her bottoms are silver color and red-colored boots.

Wonder Woman

This is one of the Masquerade Ball DC Comics Superheroes Dolls. The length of Wonder Woman is 12inches tall. Her hair is colored in dark and light-blue, tied up in a pony-tail. Her outfit is a glittery blue-colored, star pattern vest, paired up with a golden red star patterned skirt. She wears a necklace of golden color around her neck and bracelets in her arms of silver color and high heels of golden color. Apart from that, she wears a masquerade mask of silver color and a purse of wonder woman brand.

Apart from these dolls, there is also a huge variety of other DC Comics Superheroes Dolls like batgirl, poison ivy, bumblebee, supergirl, hawk girl, star fire, etc.


DC Comics Superheroes Dolls have been winning people’s hearts since forever. So, without any second thought, go and buy them real quick.

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