Top 3 Stargirl DC Comic Books

She knows a great deal about her own history and has an unusual fear that dates back to her childhood. Like many of the characters in her particular series, Stargirl was created by writer and artist Geoff Johns. He based her on his own family – his parents were police officers and he always wondered how they had survived such a long life on another planet. His interest in the Stargirl story developed into a TV show, The Shield, which was one of the most popular programs of its time.

Know About Stargirl

Stargirl is an empathizing heroine, deeply distressed by her past actions and reluctant to use her powers for good. Her identity, Stargate, was a secret that she was not told by her father and is unsure about her real birth. She was orphaned at a young age and is trained by her home planet’s warrior culture, the SGC.

In the comic, Stargirl is an extraordinary woman with super-speed, telekinesis, and the ability to control matter and energy. She is the daughter of a rich space trader and mother of a young son who barely knew her birth. Through accident and strange circumstances, Stargirl was transported to Earth by her father who left her on a planet called Earth to seek an understanding of how to use her abilities. Unfortunately, Stargirl was immediately captured and imprisoned by terrorists who intended to use her power for evil. She was given the symbiotic form of a silver spindle by their leader, while her true form remained locked in a cell within the ship’s central computer.

 Learn Of Stargirl’s Imprisonment

After several adventures involving Stargirl and fellow SGC soldiers, the world’s governments finally learn of Stargirl’s imprisonment and agree to rescue her. However, before any of the governments could come up with a plan to rescue her, the SGC itself would need to be assembled. This causes the series to alternate between the adventures of Stargirl and the humans she has been trying to save through her own efforts.

The DC Comic version of Stargirl has been interesting enough to gain several followers. A number of women have also shown a significant amount of interest in this popular superhero. In addition, numerous amateur artists have made fan-art versions of the character. Many of these fan creations are decidedly unique and some have gained considerable popularity.

Release Of Stargirl

One of the most notable events in the history of the comic book industry took place during the release of Stargirl. Following the comic book’s release, the production company started selling a limited number of “Stargirl” comics specifically targeted toward children under the age of ten. This was a clever marketing move by DC. Not only did it give younger readers an opportunity to experience this beloved superhero through the eyes of an adult, but it also drastically cut down on the amount of content intended for this age group. Lesson learned, parents buy a DC comic book for their child – then watch their little girl become enthralled with the adventures of Stargirl.


When you’re a fan of Stargirl, you’ve likely experienced the intense love affair she shares with Peter Parker. Even those who haven’t read the original comic book series by Christopher Golden have at least heard of the concept behind Stargirl. Now, with a full-fledged book series, this famous character has taken on a whole new life. This makes Stargirl a perfect crossover star for any superhero fan who enjoys Spiderman, or Superman, but also enjoys a bit of fantasy in her own Marvel comic book world. And if you’re a fan of the TV show Smallville, you will definitely want to add Stargirl to your comic book collection!

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