Top 4 Things You Didn’t Know Captain Marvel Can Do

Top 4 Things You Didn't Know Captain Marvel Can Do

With the recent Avengers: End Game movie, captain marvel has finally appeared in the big screen assembled with all other avengers. However, the Marvel fans have known this amazing superhero for years now, even before she showed up in Avengers.

However, if you’re just seeing her in the recent Marvel movies, then you have probably missed plenty of her amazing abilities.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the top four amazing abilities of Captain Marvel that you probably didn’t know before.

So, let’s dig in.

She Has Superhuman Durability

One of the most amazing superpowers of Captain Marvel is her amazing durability. And this is one of the reasons why she is able to get a place among the avengers. In simple terms, you can’t just take this woman down with one or two super attacks. In fact, it’ll take a thousand times more hits than that.

Although she can endure a lot of beatings, most of the common attacks simply won’t do any harm to her. For example, shooting her with normal bullets won’t even do a thing. The bullets will just bounce off her. Similarly, she can survive heavy bomb blast, beatings from other superheroes like the Hulk, falling down from crazy high places, and much more.

Captain Marvel Is Amazingly Agile

Top 4 Things You Didn't Know Captain Marvel Can Do
Top 4 Things You Didn’t Know Captain Marvel Can Do

Now, you might say that every superhero is agile in some way or another. So, isn’t agility an over-rated thing?

We understand what you’re thinking. But believe us, we’re not over-rating her agility. It’s because of her insane agility that she can fly with a sonic barrier-breaking speed with such control. Otherwise, anyone else would have hit a plan or crash with a mountain.

Carol already has a very good reflex and there’s no denying it. But once she completes her transformation, those quick reflexes go beyond the human level.

Most Toxins Won’t Even Affect Her

If you’re following the superhero genre for a while, then you probably have noticed one curious thing. It’s that superheroes don’t usually get sick. Now, we have no clear explanation of why most of them never get sick. But in the case of Captain Marvel, we know exactly what the reason is.

It’s specified that Carol has a superhuman level of immunity for both the toxins and different kinds of diseases. Good luck to any villain who is thinking about killing her with poison. Because not only she will stay unharmed, she will kick the villain’s butt too.

Captain Marvel Has Insane Regenerative Powers

Top 4 Things You Didn't Know Captain Marvel Can Do
Top 4 Things You Didn’t Know Captain Marvel Can Do

How can there be a superhero without some crazy kick-ass regenerative abilities? In the superhero genre, we have seen that every single superhero either has a superfast regeneration capability or some other means to heal themselves faster. And Carol is no exception.

And thanks to that amazing regenerative capabilities, Carol has been able to survive many serious injuries that would have been fatal for a normal person. Also, her injuries heal pretty fast as well.

Of course, Captain Marvel doesn’t have a regenerative ability as fast and effective as the Wolverine. But her ability to heal is no joke either. Well, we have seen her survive huge explosions, didn’t we? And that sort of regenerative ability is sure of the chart of a normal human.

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