Top 5 Best Superhero Comics For Kids To Read Before They Sleep

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Does your kid love to read comics? Are you frustrated with your kid using mobile phones the whole day? Reading is one of the best hobbies which you can ask your kid to develop. To develop an interest in reading, you can’t ask them to read some knowledge books instead of taking help from some of the superhero comics for kids. It can help your kid to have some interest and learn from these comics. These comics are not just with powerful characters but can also give your kid a better understanding and develop some excellent skills in them.

Today we will see some of the best superhero comics for kids who can keep them engaged instead of using any electronic gadget the whole day. 

Super Potato one of the best superhero comics for kids

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This comic of super potato was written by Artur Laperle. This comic comes with a great twist when the superhero gets converted to a potato. He still has all his superpowers, but he is a potato now. Your kid will indeed find it very funny reading it. It can be the best comic for your kid to start with if they have any interest in superheroes. 

Tiny Titans

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Tiny titans were by Art Baltazar and Franco. It is an extended version of the DC Comics universe. It depicts the childhood version of the superheroes. It is shown that these characters would visit an elementary school and then get into trouble with lots of problems. It is the best comic to understand the origin of the DC universe. 

Avengers And The Infinity Gauntlet

This comic was by Brian Clevinger and art by Brian Churilla, and It is one of the best marvel comics. You can find the marvel characters come with lots of humor in them. The earth comes in danger, and again, these superheroes save the world. 

Evil And Malice Save The World

It was by Jimmie Robinson. It is one of the unique superhero comics for kids where girls are the superhero with so much interpersonal drama. Their dad is a supervillain. When the devils come up, the girls decide to take up the charge and save their dad. During this journey, they come across many secrets which they discover. 

The Incredibles

In this comic, you can find lots of love of characters towards their family with saving the world. They are not the perfect characters, but they always try to be the best. Mark Waid wrote it, and he has made it very funny and easily accessible. It has two volumes where you can find different villains and how these characters fight against them.


These comics can make a significant impact on the upbringing of your kid. You can teach them about the good and bad about life. These superhero comics for kids are nowadays available online, which you can order and get for your kids. These comics are somewhere or the other influenced by the experiences of the writers and great imaginations. You can surely boost the creativity of your kid by handing them these comics.

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