Top 5 Flash Characters Of All Time

Top Five Flash Characters Of All Time
Top Five Flash Characters Of All Time

The Flash aka “the fastest man alive,” is one of the most loveable comic book characters of all time. In the DC universe, the Flash and other speedsters can time-travel, change the course of history or keep tabs on their loved ones. There are more than 20 speedsters in flash comics universe. But only six characters are worthy of carrying the mantle of “The Flash.”

The speedsters in DC receive the mysterious power of speed faster than the speed of light through “Speed Force.” Here is the list of top 5 Flash(s) of all time:

Jay Garrick – The Golden Age Flash

Top Five Flash Characters Of All Time
Top Five Flash Characters Of All Time

The Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick is the first speedster to ever exist in the flash comics universe. Jay Garrick made its debut during World War II. Jay Before becoming “The Flash,” Garrick was a young college student and an aspiring football player.

One day Jay Garrick was resting in a science lab, where he inhaled most hypercharged atoms that came from a radioactive liquid, and this is when he became the Flash. Until mid-1950s Jay Garrick was the only fastest man alive.

All the other Flash speedsters consider Jay Garrick as a father figure and mentor.

Barry “Bartholomew” Allen – The Silver Age Flash

The most famous and loved Flash of all time is Barry Allen. The character first came into being in the year 1956. Allen’s Flash is the first superhero of the Silver Age. In the flash comics, Allen serves as a forensic scientist in the fictional Central City. Barry became the “Scarlet Speedster” when a lightning bolt struck to him while he was working in his lab.

Barry Allen, “The Flash” and Eobard Thawne, “The Reverse Flash” (an evil villain) are the sworn enemies.

Wally West – Kid Flash Or The Bronze To Modern Age Flash

Wally West is the most significant Flash fan in the flash comics. He is an integral part of the young superhero team lead by Robin, “Teen Titans.” During the Silver Age, after The Flash died during the event of the Crisis On Infinite Earths, Wally became the Bronze Age Flash.

When Wally went to visit his uncle Barry Allen, unfortunately, a lightning bolt struck the chemicals in Barry’s Lab. And then Wally West acquired the power from Speed Force and thus, the Kid Flash was born.

Bart Allen – 31st Century’s Modern-Age Flash

Bart Allen didn’t have a long run as The Flash, yet he’s still one of the powerful speedsters in DC. Bartholomew Henry Allen II is from the 31st Century, and he is the grandson of Silver-Age speedster “The Flash.”

The reason why Bart is one of the essential Flash characters is that he also comes from Eobard Thawne’s family. Inertia, a supervillain and psychotic clone of Bart Allen killed him, and then Wally West picked up the mantle and became The Flash, again.

XS – Grand daughter Of The Flash

XS is Dawn Allen’s daughter and granddaughter of The Flash, Barry Allen. She didn’t manifest powers when she was young. However, XS’ power began manifesting when Dominators were torturing her father. She rescued her father and ran as fast as she could from the base of Dominators before it exploded as Kingdom come.

There are other speedsters like The Reserve Flash, Hunter Zolomon, Zoom who are as powerful as The Flash. But this list is all about the good guys who saved the universe and infinite earth multiple times.

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