Top 5 Most Popular Wolverine Stories

Top 5 Most Popular Wolverine Comic Book Stories

Hugh Jackman is popular for his X-Men movie series and his last performance as Wolverine won many of our heart. If the movie on the big screen inspired you that much, then you might want to peek into these most popular Wolverine comic book stories as well. These are the fan-fiction stories that you will enjoy if you are also a Wolverine fan like me.

Top 5 Most Popular Wolverine Comic Book Stories
Top 5 Most Popular Wolverine Comic Book Stories

Wolverine Original 4 Part Mini-Series (1982)

Written by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, this comic book series has captured many of Wolverine’s fans heart. These two comic book creators took Logan’s character to a greater level of popularity. In this mini-series, Logan travels to Japan as a fallen samurai and would search for redemption. In this series, Logan meets with cold Lord Shingen and fought for his daughter, Mariko.

All the characters are same as the last X-Men series, The Wolverine. Some interesting changes are made and they are more enjoyable.

Kitty Pryde And Wolverine #1 -6 (1984-85)

In this comic book, Chris Claremont and Al Milgrom created some kind of spiritual sequel to the original Wolverine mini-series. In this series, Kitty Pryde’s father would get into some troubles with Japanese Yakuza. Kitty follows him to Japan while Japanese Yakuza was on a business trip. However, Yakuza mob boss captures her on the way and then brainwash her to become his deadly ninja assassin. This story has a long-term bond with Kitty and Wolverine and has also represented Wolverine’s softer side.

This is another Wolvering fan-fiction comic book series that you must give a read.

Weapon X From Marvel Comics Presents #72-91 (1991)

Are you curious to know how a mysterious government Canadian agency captured Logan and then bonded his skeleton to adamantium? Then this comic story is going to serve you well. Moreover, this story also displays how Logan has gone to berserk after going through the painful experiments. Not only the writing but also the arts are well-classed and has captured many of Wolverine’s fans attention.

This storyline gave us another version of the original Wolverine movie and had taken so many great visual cues from the actual movie.

Origin #1-6, (2001-2002)

In this series, the writer and the artist take the reader to Logan’s childhood in 19th century Canada. The Origin series will tell you everything about the earlier stages of Wolverine. Starting from his childhood name, his nature, and will also tell you how Logan discovered his bone claws. The writer also tried to show us why Logan was always failed to redheads.

Those who want to know this much about Logan, the Origin series is perfect for you.

Old Man Logan from Wolverine #66-72, Wolverine: Giant Size Old Man Logan #1 (2009)

These series show that all the great superheroes in the USA are dead and Logan goes to set an alternate future world. The worst supervillains are going to conquer the whole nation and Wolverine is the lifeline of America. There is so much the story has to offer you once you peek into the book.

Top 5 Most Popular Wolverine Comic Book Stories
Top 5 Most Popular Wolverine Comic Book Stories

This is my collection of Wolverine comic books; what about you?

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