Top DC Comics Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss -

Top DC Comics Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss

Top DC Comics Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss

DC Extended universe has a separate fan base for itself. The DC comics superhero movies have got huge popularity from across the world. Decades of comic books are directed in different ways and presented to the audience. While some of these movies have got positive reports all over, there are some that were not so appreciated by the audience. Either way DC Extended Universe has got a special place in the hearts of comic books lovers. From Christopher Nolan to Zack Snyder, there are so many top-notch directors who worked for DC movies, apart from that the actors who portrayed the characters also acquired huge fame with these movies.

Here is the list of DC comics movies that you shouldn’t miss.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot took this character to a whole new level. In a world of male superheroes, a female superhero completely dominated. The no-man land, plot of the film, directed by a woman and Gal Gadot made this movie even more special. Being the princess of Amazon land, a land that stays away from the world and has no male in it, Diana sets out to save the world. She encounters so many men and feels wondered about their behavior; she gets attracted to man; she fights with people who have higher powers than her and wins them. This way there are so many things in this movie which made it to the top list of DC movies.

The director of this movie was a female named Patty Jenkins. The movie is the first of female superhero movies in this generation.

Top DC Comics Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss
Top DC Comics Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss

The Dark Knight

“If you are good at something, never do it for free.”

This iconic quote of Joker and the best of class performance of Heath Ledger made this movie stand atop. Apart from the above-mentioned quote, there are so many others in this movie, which makes it the best.

Christopher Nolan direction, Heath Ledgers all-time best joker performance, and amazing artists have created a huge shadow from which DC is still struggling to come out. This movie has set the standards so high that it has become impossible for the other movies to reach its standards and hence they kept on disappointing the people. DC stumbled a lot after The Dark Knight. The iconic quotes of this movie have acquired a huge fan base too.


DC comics movies lack the fun element. The movies focus on entirely elevating the hero and saving the world. They forget to add a comedy twist in their movies and fans were waiting to enjoy jokes and comedy in DC movies for a long time. At this point of time, the DCU released Shazam which has attracted everyone irrespective of their age. This movie had everything, from comedy to the elevating fights, which made one of the best movies from DC. 

Fans are very happy with this movie as it has given a lot more memories and jokes to cherish.

Top DC Comics Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss
Top DC Comics Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss

These are some of the best DC comic movies that everyone should watch at least once.

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