Top Five DC Superhero Girls -

Top Five DC Superhero Girls

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DC Comic’s superheroes from the DC Universe are some of my favorites. It can be easy for a new reader to lose track of the past installments and, when you do, it can be not easy to put the characters into context. Luckily, DC has put out an excellent line of comics that, starting with “DC Universe: Rebirth” last year, have been excellent for new readers and fanatics alike.

When the New 52 relaunches in January, we will once again see our favorite DC comic book heroes in action. If you are new to comic books or just haven’t picked up an issue in a while, this is a great time to jump in. I highly recommend picking up issues #1 through #6. After that, you can keep going with any of your monthly favorites. Here are a few of my favorites from the new “DC Universe: Rebirth” collection and my personal favorite DC superheroines (in no particular order).

Wonder Woman

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The most intriguing of the bunch is, without a doubt, Wonder Woman. She is from the Amazons, which are some of the most powerful and oppressed of all of the characters in the DC Universe. As a result, she has been enhanced to the point that she can withstand great amounts of damage, as well as being able to fly. She is the ultimate test of strength, and her lovable attitude has made her one of the most popular of the DC Universe’s superheroes. In the newest series, she discovers that her birthright is to live amongst the people of Paradise Island, where her mother taught her to be a fearless fighter. Now, as a powerful Amazon princess, Wonder Woman must hone her skills and learn to control her own body and those of the powerful Amazonians that live on the island.


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Another DC comic I love is Aquaman. I grew up loving the adventures of this legendary sea creature. He is an ocean god, a master sailor, and he is always ready to lend a helping hand to save those who need it. Aquaman is a lovable, fun-loving sea mammal which is also an accomplished and quite wise ruler.


Several different actresses have portrayed this DC Comics’ greatest superhero over the years. However, none has had the same kind of popular appeal as Catwoman. As a result, she is often featured in specials or standalone comic issues and the animated TV series. She is an incredible crime-fighting and vigilant crime-fighting superhero who use her knowledge and skills in all of her adventures.


One of the earliest known DC Women’s characters, Supergirl, is an excellent example of what a hero should look and feel like. She is a young, aspiring heroine who uses her knowledge of physics and her telekinesis to overcome every challenge that comes her way. In particular, her ability to fly is one of her best assets. She is a very lovable and relatable character. As a result, many women look into writing Superman comics to write themselves into future screenplays.


In the Batman comics’ most recent incarnation, Barbara Gordon has taken over as the new Batgirl. While not a huge splash during the TV show, this version of the crime-fighting Batgirl has her interesting personality and is certainly a fan favorite. It was also really exciting to see Catwoman get a huge overhaul in the last few years. The dark, Gothic side of Catwoman has been toned down a lot, and her relationship with Batman has been explored in a very interesting and sympathetic way.

Final Words

These are just five of the DC Superhero Girls that are now available on the world wide web. The characters include Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Robin. All of these ladies have their appeal, and it’s great to see some more women get the chance to write and draw them. So go out and grab your favorite super hero today!

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