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vision (marvel comics)

The world of Marvel comics never fails to surprise us, and it is an ever-evolving process. Many new heroes are developing, and it is not an easy task to keep track of everyone. But among all segments of Marvel, some classic dimensions will be able to keep their legacy forever. All the heroes that have been able to get popularity, you have to check out The Vision. This character was created as a villain who wanted to break the stereotypes and rise up to a true hero. He is also a part of the Marvel multiverse, and there are many more versions. There are numerous versions that we will talk about today in great detail, and they have been officially ranked as well. 


Marvel Comics

This is one of the most vintage versions of Vision, and there are only a couple of versions that you can find in this character. It made its appearance in Guardians Of The Galaxy, and the Mainframe is known as the central operating system of the entire planet. The protagonist, in this case, is responsible for protecting the shield of Captain America. Later on, he progresses to join the guardians and creates the entire group of Galactic Guardians. 

Earth-X Vision

Marvel Comics

This is the next version that has a beautiful story. In this system, the hero becomes a leader after the set of tragic events. It also comprises the villain named Ultron, and there is an absorbing man who takes the intelligence of this villain. It is one of the essential characters in the battle of The Avengers, and here you can also get an appearance of the wife of Vision, who becomes an influential friend of the scarlet witch. According to the story, the protagonist downloads a computer virus before destroying him, and this story has many twists and turns. 

Exiles Vision

This is one of the most dangerous versions of the mission that can appear in the comics, and here he is the ultimate villain. He is pretty arrogant and bloodthirsty and cruel at the same time- the best part about the character is that he is surviving any kind of attack. He can handle the Exiles as a one-person army and is mainly dominated by the robots. Not only that, king Hyperion and Vision destroyed him helps the king conquer the parallel worlds as well. 

MC2 Vision

This is one of the most popular versions that you can ever come across, and in this version, Vision is a complete Hero. It is one of the alternative universes of the Marvel multiverse and was released 15 years before its debut. In this specific segment, one can see the personality of Tony Stark in the protagonist, and he has been able to maintain a heroic career. 


The Vision is one of the futuristic characters you can find in the Marvel comics, and you would want to get a grasp on all the versions. It will certainly influence your mind, and you would want to check out the vintage cartoon episodes.

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