What Is the Steel DC Comic Book Superheros

steel dc comics

Why? Because they’re not only fun to collect, but they also are highly entertaining to watch. It’s no wonder why they have lasted so long!

Steel Is A Fictional Superhero

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Steel is a fictional superhero who appears in many comic books produced by DC comics. He is a brilliant engineer who constructed a robotic suit of armor known as the Metal Men that resemble Superman’s powers. Originally, he wanted to replace Superman when Superman was killed during the final battle of World War III. Instead, his prototype robot was programmed to attack and defeat supervillains. It became such a hit with comic book readers that the character was given his own comic book series.

The Steel DC Comic Book Superheros is very similar to the original Superman, in that they have almost all the same features. They have high energy exteriors, glowing metallic exteriors, roboticoid bodies, and powerful weapons. Some even possess the ability to fly. Steel is an industrial genius and has designed numerous robots to protect the earth from evil. In addition to having powerful weapons, Steel is also shown to be resourceful and a great leader.

The Robotic Metal Men

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The robotic Metal Men first showed up in the late 1940s, before any of the superheroes appeared in any comic books. It wasn’t until later that the character got his own title. He was soon named “Steel” because of his metallic suit. And since then, he was around to fight crime and help save the world!

DC comics gave Steel another robotic suit that could replicate his strength, speed, and durability. He called these suits the Steel Men. Although he is not shown wearing these suits in the main DC comic, we do know how he uses them in the various adventures. Sometimes he uses his radio controlled suit to run faster or to fly. Other times he uses it to smash things and go through doors. But mostly he just uses it as a means to move around in the comic book world!

Superheros Not Related To Steel

There have been some superheros that have appeared in the DC comics series that are not really related to Steel at all. These include the Big Boy, whom Steel briefly teamed up with in the Death of Superman storyline. However, this is only a filler character and was not a team member of the Superman himself. Then there’s Reverse-Flash, who was a member of the Justice League until he decided to leave. Although he was not a founding member, he did join the team because of his mysterious connections and his super speed.

There have been a few spin offs for the superheros that have appeared in the comics. Two of these include the Steel and Stick figures. In the first outing of the series, Steel was bitten by a radioactive spider, which left him with two spider like legs. He then built a metal spider suit and wore it when fighting villains.


The most recent superheros to feature in the DC comics world are the New Earth versions of Steel and the alternate universe Green Lantern. These two versions of the character have had their own individual series, so far running for four books, although it seems that they are becoming more connected in the future. There is also the animated superheros of Steel and the Flash. The Flash is an orphan and works as a photographer, whilst Steel is an extremely powerful athlete, who train in a top secret facility that was once run by the Flash. There has been quite a lot of interest in these superheros, especially as many fans enjoy the characters humor and abilities.

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